Team of Chinese Coronavirus Specialists Meet Wall of Opposition in Nigeria

A small team of China medical specialists headed for Nigeria is meeting stiff opposition from Nigerian medical groups who call the visit “an embarrassment” to hard-working doctors in the country.

The visit by the Chinese specialists was announced last Friday by the Nigerian Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire. He said they were coming to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria.

But in a surprising turn of events, the announcement was vigorously rebuffed by Nigerian professionals starting with the Nigerian Union of Journalists whose president, Chris Isiguzo, called it an opportunity for Nigerians to be used as experimental guinea pigs.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) – the premier medical association in Nigeria – joined the journalists in kicking against the government’s plan to bring in Chinese experts.

It’s “a thing of embarrassment to the membership of the Association and other health workers who are giving their best in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic under deplorable working conditions,” they said.

“We are … profoundly dismayed to learn that the Federal Government is … inviting the Chinese who from available accounts are not out of the woods themselves… Even the United Nations has just recently commended the efforts of Nigeria so far,” read the NMA statement published by the Premium Times.

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria also advised against the plan, saying Nigeria was already handling the crisis effectively.

Harsher criticism was leveled by Capt. Jerry Ogbonna, Rtd of the ruling party.

“There is always this inferiority complex with white skin people,” he said, referring to the Asian health experts. “Nigerian doctors are some of the best in America and Europe. The ones here are doing very well even in this coronavirus pandemic. What magic does the president think Chinese doctors will perform here?

“It won’t be surprising that the Chinese doctors will be made to be on top of the Nigerian doctors. Please stop these doctors from China until our doctors have failed”.

The criticism forced the government to respond, sending spokesman Dr. Garba Abari, who noted that the government was not inviting the Chinese medical experts to take charge of the fight against COVID-19 but simply to share experiences on how the pandemic was handled in China.

Nigeria currently has 232 cases of Covid-19 of which 33 have recovered and five deaths.

Meanwhile, a contingent of Cuban doctors is expected to join the fight against the coronavirus in South Africa.

The proposed medical team will be in addition to some 200 Cuban doctors already deployed in eight South African provinces except for the Western Cape, which declined to participate in the South Africa-Cuba- medical doctors’ training program.

The doctors have been providing assistance including patient care, medical examinations, transferring of samples and other services to stem the spread of the virus.

SOURCE: Global Information Network

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  1. Michael Ihekire on April 13, 2020 at 12:57 am

    With due respect to the Nigerian Minister of Health the Nigerians have spoken “Let these Chinese people whatever they are, carry their bag and baggages and leave Nigeria “WHY? 1) NCDC reported that there’s NO vaccine for Covid-19.So what are the Chinese people coming to do? 2)The reported cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria is 305 with 10 deaths.Did the Nigerian Doctors complain of being over worked.?”NO”.So what are these Chinese coming to do? 3)Sir,I don’t know if you’re aware that Nigerian Doctors are more in number and highly rated in most of the Western Hospitals than the Chinese.? 4)Sir I am exceedingly very sorry to say you have let down our hard working Doctors and Nurses who have been working without adequate equipments by bringing in these Chinese people who couldn’t control the outbreak in their country. 5) Instead of congratulating our Doctors and Nurses for the marvelous work they are doing you went to bring in these non starters in medical field. The Doctors and Nurses require an APOLOGY from you. 6) May I ask “Why did you not seek an input from the NMA before embarking on this venture? 7) There’s an adage that says when you look down on your basket people will use it to carry refuse. 8) On behalf of Nigerians I am appealing to our Doctors and Nurses not be discouraged or annoyed.We recognize and appreciate your good work as first responders in this risky job of exposing your self and your family to the danger of this deadly virus 9) Hon. Minister unless you want to tell the Nigerian People you have a hidden agenda which we are all ears waiting to hear from you OTHER WISE let them go back to their country and fight the CORONARY VIRUS which is still their country. 10) WHO says there’s NO COUNTRY that has eradicated the coronary virus. 11) They say “charity begins from home “ so let them go back to their country and clean up the mess they started.

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