Lowcountry Artists Organize for Covid-19 Crisis

Amiri Farris

Local artists have joined together to respond to the havoc that SARS-COV-2 and Covid-19 have caused for the world and the arts community.

SLAY is an acronym for “Support Lowcountry Artists Y’all.” This is a relief effort for the Arts Community led by noted Bluffton based artist, Amiri Farris. Amiri wanted to do something about the many Lowcountry artists who experienced a significant loss of income when the Covid-19 virus caused the cancellation or rescheduling of many local art shows, festivals, and galas. Knowing that many in the art community are facing similar difficulties, Amiri assembled SLAY as a collaborative of artists to create content to inspire and engage the community, recover some of that income, and raise funds at this critical time.

SLAY’s founding roster includes Amiri Farris, Natalie Daise, Michael Dantzler, Sophie Docalavich, Dr. Thaddeus Jones, Ment Nelson, Victoria A. Smalls, and Calvin Woodum.

The group is moving quickly to respond to this challenge. SLAY has incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is expected to launch a website tomorrow. The initial site will accept donations and requests for relief. As it grows, plans call for the site to be monetized through a membership model. Through this virtual co-op, donor members will receive unique content created solely for this platform from SLAY’s roster of established and emerging Lowcountry artists, all of whom have experienced cancellations in recent weeks. A mix of online content, downloads, and mailed deliverables is planned. Farris states that the group will welcome new artists who are passionate about this work and have a connection to the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia to join the effort. At this time the group is focused on serving the coastal counties of South Carolina and Georgia, along with the rural areas that comprise the SC Promise Zone.

SLAY’s goal is to be able to offer financial support to all kinds of artists and creatives who experience financial hardship during this difficult time. They will be able to apply for relief through a simple application on our Web portal and can receive up to $500 in assistance rapidly via the Zelle app.

This work will benefit the general public as well as the art world. SLAY will create high quality, contemporary art that comforts, inspires, and educates about practices which will need to be a long term “new normal” in our world long after the immediate threat from Covid-19 has diminished. To this end, public health experts have been engaged to advise on messaging and content that will be beneficial to the overall fight against the virus.

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