COVID-19: Stay Woke America

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

While millions of Americans are being held captive in their homes by Covid-19, the Coronavirus, people are discovering new ways of socializing and working from home. Families are taking advantage of the downtime to bond and discover things about each other that were lost prior to the arrival of Covid-19.  With the virus moving rapidly, it’s amazing how important matters becomes unimportant and how unimportant suddenly moves to the front of the line. For example, who would have thought that toilet paper would take center stage on the list of essential survival items? The little 4-roll package that once seemed so insignificant, is now the most sought after item on grocery shelves. It reminds me of the Biblical reference “the brick that the builder rejected, becomes the chief cornerstone.”

The “tissue” comparison holds true for families. How significant were your children before the devastating virus that seemed to have come from out of nowhere—so devastating the Governor closed schools down for the entire state? Parents work, work, work and party hardy while leaving children home to raise themselves. Now that children are home 24/7, and parents working from home or out of work, parents are learning more and more about their children. Skeptical parents disparage teachers and school officials for sending notes homes regarding their children’s behavior. And, parents quickly defend their children by saying, “the teacher is just singling out my child” or “She doesn’t like my child”. Now since parents are on lock-down with their children, they are finding out more about them. That goes both ways—parent learns child; child learns parent. Downtime spent at home provides should be spent wisely on reconnecting and building stronger relationships. 

According to health professionals, seniors are the most vulnerable targets of the virus. Stores have established early hours for seniors to shop before opening doors to younger shoppers. Ladies, if you have been hiding your age, you may want to shop later. Put your pride aside if you are running low on toilet paper. I am all for early shopping if it means I get the first shot at toilet paper and sanitizers. While I was putting together a list of early store hours, I couldn’t help but notice Walmart’s early shopping hour is 6AM-7AM every Tuesday from March 24-April 28. Thank you but no thank you Walmart. Walmart of all businesses, with their senior greeters, know old folks can’t get up, dress and be out the door by 6 AM. What ‘da heck are they thinking? By the time, seniors get up, shower up, walk from room to room looking for their teeth, glasses, shoes, pocketbook, and car keys, the one hour set aside time has expired.  So, y’all with Walmart connections, please tell the owner, seniors need more time.

There’s a high-profiled pastor in West Ashley, whose identity I will not reveal, has sign parking at his church for age 60 and older. This was in place before the virus. I am sure this was done out of compassion and convenience for seniors. Aging isn’t so bad after all. It does afford you limited privileges.

Karma can be a dog! President Obama was the worst American President ever according to Trump. When Trump took office, his first order of business was to undue everything President Obama accomplished while in office. Obama inherited a mess, the country went through a recession, financial collapse, banks and auto manufacturers had to be bailed out, millions of homes foreclosed on and the Ebola virus outbreak. Now, it’s your time to shine. The country is in a quandary. People are dying. The markets are the lowest ever. We are experiencing the worst of times under the worst leadership ever. When will folks stand up to America’s biggest bully? While the virus continues to spread across America, Trump is ready to put people back to work to further expose and transmit the virus. Health care professionals are dying. Test kits, masks, and supplies remain low. Hospitals are running out of rooms to treat the sick. And, Trump thinks this country is ready to return to work?

Do not try to make sense out of nonsense. According to CNBC News, globally, we have had over 17,000 deaths from the virus and at least 590 of the deaths are here in the US. Trump is not an authority on the virus and is leading America down a dead-end road. Be vigilant! Listen to updates from health care professionals on how to minimize the threat of the virus. 

Stay Woke America!!



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