Author/Illustrator Sharon Jones-Scaife Announces Children’s Book Release, “Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek”

Sharon Jones-Scaife

Author/Illustrator Sharon Jones-Scaife announces the upcoming release of a new book for kids, ‘Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek.’ Through a story of hide and seek, featuring the series character, Lil’ Marco, Jones-Scaife highlights the importance of being prepared when faced with weather-related emergencies. The new children’s book is slated for release May 3, 2020.

Written in cute rhyming stanzas and paired with vibrant and engaging illustrations, Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek not only leads children on a trail of fun play, but also introduces them to safe places to hide when faced with weather-related emergencies.

“Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek” cover

Weather emergencies is something that doesn’t cross a parent’s mind until an emergency happens, and that’s too late. For parents who think talking about emergencies will upset their child, reports otherwise. Kids know from watching TV and videos and listening to the radio that emergencies can and will happen.

Additionally, according to one of the top fears that children grapple with is fear of the weather. “It is up to parents to help their children overcome fear, whether it’s fear of the monster under the bed, fear of insects, or weather-related fears,” stated Jones-Scaife. “This story will help them start the fear conversation with their children.”

The book also provides a little extra help for parents, to move them beyond talk to preparation. “I included emergency preparedness information and activity sheets that relate to the story theme,” states Jones-Scaife. Following the story, are five different activities as well as tip sheets and a planning sheet. “It is an established fact that children feel safer when they know what to do in an emergency situation,” Jones-Scaife concludes.

Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek is an engaging story of hide and seek as well as an emergency preparedness manual, all in one. The story is sure to charm and delight, while the informational pages will educate and enforce preparedness. It is available in print and e-book at online retailers. Age range: 2-6 years old.

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