W.B. Goodwin Elementary hosts first Donuts for Dads event

W.B. Goodwin Elementary School held its first Donuts for Dad March 11 and according to those who attended the event, it was a major success. Principal Natasha Jones said they had almost twice as many people at Donuts for Dads than previous parental involvement events over the past two years.

One of the main reasons for the high turnout was the keynote speaker, North Charleston Police Department’s Chief Reggie Burgess. He had an important message for the students and family members in attendance. “Keep doing what you are doing,” exclaimed Chief Burgess. “What you are doing is important. It’s exactly what needs to be done.”

North Charleston Police Department’s Chief Reggie Burgess speaking at W.B. Goodwin Elementary School’s Donuts for Dad event

Chief Burgess shared a story about a man who entered his life at the age of 9; his stepfather. According to Burgess, his stepfather was the only true positive male figure he had growing up. Burgess said this man taught him about life, from tying his shoes to how to treat women. He explained how his stepfather was engaged in his life and always there for him. That influence inspired Burgess to do the same thing for his own son. No question, his message resonated with members of the audience.

“I love this school,” said Goodwin parent Julio Racancoj Guzman. “They always try to work with us. I 100 percent agree with the message [from Chief Burgess]. I have two children here and I’m happy to be here.” When asked about the event, most of the attendees said they came to Donuts for Dads to support their children. However, they left with a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that their presence made a difference, not only for their children, but for the school as well.

Principal Jones was extremely honored by the turnout. “I am humbled by the presence of so many people that care enough about their families to share this time with us,” Jones told the crowd. “You make us proud!”

For more information about Goodwin’s Donuts for Dads, or other family engagement opportunities at the school, contact Principal Jones at (843) 767- 5911.

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