Letter to the Editor: WNA surcharges

We should thank David Fleshman for writing a letter to the editor of the Post and Courier and making us aware of the warmer than normal weather (WNA) surcharges. To simplify this madness the South Carolina Public Service Commission has approved these surcharges, which allow Dominion Energy to charge consumers for “under usage of natural gas because of warmer weather.”

If you are a natural gas user look at the itemized charges on your energy bill and check the amount charged for “WNA Therm” versus the amount charged for “Base Therm.” My question is how are the usages for Base Therm and WNA Therm determined?

Consumers with “budget billing” will be especially burdened. Budget billing was designed for persons wanting the same payment for twelve consecutive months. After that period ends the account is evaluated to determine the accuracy of the billing amount. If your energy use was less than the estimated budget payment your upcoming budget payment will be lower. However, if you paid less than required for the energy used your estimated budget payment for the next twelve months will increase and surcharges will be based accordingly.   

The South Carolina Public Service Commission and Dominion Energy conspired to swindle consumers by charging for “climate changes.” Wow! I am sure if we could control the climate there would be no tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Did it occur to them that we are trying to reduce natural gas and/or electricity consumption due to our budget constraints? Consumers have no incentives to reduce utility consumption if there are no energy credits for conservation.

If WNA continues, Dominion Energy should be mandated to give credits for the same amount (23% or more) to consumers during the hotter than normal weather and colder than normal weather for excessive use of electricity/natural gas for heating and air conditioning.

Can anyone tell me where integrity has gone? I’ve been searching city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies and very little integrity has been shown. When I look around our money is just going, going, gone! Please vote!

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  1. H Potze on March 14, 2020 at 10:47 am

    Totally agree, the WNA charges are ridiculous and counter productive as there is NO incentive to reduce use.
    We should expect to get same WNA offset in CREDITS back to customers when summers are hotter or winters are colder then “normal”! Also, as temp’s increase, what is the normal used to determine WNA? Is this calculated based on what DOMINION wants to bill out to assure expected revenues or has an ACTUAL connection to what is a normal temperature?

    — Dominion customer.

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