Respecting the Creator Alone of It All

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

One thing an experienced “hue-man” understands about life after a while is that there are differences galore everywhere you turn and look in the living process. That fact alone should humble us all, including me and you, to try to exist with others, even with those who are vehemently opposed to us, if you know what I mean.

The living experience is exactly what it is, and, again, there’s no getting around that basic truism. As I continue today, please keep my candid thoughts nestled securely in your mind’s eye for the rest of the article’s completion.

You see, I am in a very congenial and expansively spiritual mental space now because I’m savoring this month’s arriving seasonal changes which are about to take place. It’s not quite springtime yet, but you can see, feel and literally sense spring’s arrival is only around the corner by the Creator Alone’s permission.

When I think of any of the seasons of the year, I’m always drawn to their differing and elaborate designs by the Creator Alone of everyone and everything, and really how breathtaking creation really is. I tend not to play trivial mental games of nonchalant whimsical understandings when it comes to giving complete, and I do mean extending all, praises to the Most High Alone for recognizing how special everything and everyone in creation really is.

 Maybe, in some very unstated and dignified way, I’m testifying that there’s absolutely nothing, or no one, that, or who, deserves worship for the prior sentence’s acknowledgement except the Creator Alone and no other. That’s a leading central theme that always runs through my spirituality objective mindset  without apologies to any disagreeing souls.

I’ve come to learn that many bewildered folk in creation do not recognize that the Creator Alone is but one, and that there’s nothing in creation that can compare to the astonishing feeling of being granted another, single solitary moment in time and spatial existence by the Creator Alone. I trust that you are in that same awe-inspiring, uncompromising line way of spiritual thinking because we’re here by the permission solely of the Creator Alone, and that’s “the living truth.”

As I’m trying now to gather my next thought, I’m totally aware that there are many contradictory folk in “hue-manity” who are open deniers about the existence of the Creator Alone. In many ways, I’ve also come to recognize that none of these deniers can explain clearly  and distinctly the fragilities of life and realities death intelligently and how each of those phenomena occur.

And, in so many norms, I’m at peace with those souls because I know (and respect) that some folk have different views on many diverse so-called spiritual, topical and religious subjects. I’m a Muslim and, most respectfully, I believe only in the Creator Alone of the heavens and earth and of all that’s in between, and that no “hue-man” being, who was and is a created, is the Creator Alone of existence.

Some folk may differ, but I offer to their disagreements that Muslims’ holy book, The Holy Qur’aan, teaches in Surah (Chapter) 96, entitled Al Kafirun (The Disbelievers), in verses 1-6: “Say, “O disbelievers. I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be a worshipper of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”

With that powerful, but ever-so-clear, guidance and understanding from the Most High Alone, I’ve come to realize how unique it is to be a believer in the Creator Alone of everyone and everything, like all of the righteous prophets and messengers taught, without being misled, or being led astray, by giving associates or partners of any kind to God Alone. Do some homework and check it out before you jump to denials about the essences of existence without sound verifications.

Remember that I’m urging you to now “THINK” about life and death also. I say that knowing fully well that no prophet or messenger of the Creator Alone never, ever told anyone to worship themselves, or anyone else, except the Creator Alone of life and death.

That’s a crucial reality to testify to, especially when one considers that “Respecting the Creator Alone of It All” lies in the miraculous recognition that the Creator Alone has no equal, nor is the Creator Alone in  need of any assistance from anyone who’s been created by Him (alone) and will surely die.

The Creator Alone did not create Himself, so there’s no actual birthday for God Alone, and most definitely there’s certainly no burial day for Creator Alone. Absurd is what I just uttered, think and reason very carefully about what I just said, and please do take a seriously calculated approach in the next spiritual moment  and ask yourself, “How did you (or I) come into existence?” Hmm!

Also, spiritually ask yourself, “Do you know how much time you (or I) have left in this phase of existence before death announces itself to us?” Don’t forget to include your family, friends and casual acquaintances in that questionnaire because no one, including  your enemies, escapes the arena of death.

So, if you’re a spiritually aware soul, and I’d like to assume that you are, you’ll know that death waits for no ethnic male or female “hue-man” being. The very next second to the next exceedingly nondescript moment could be your, my, or anyone else’s last hurrah in this phase of the living process.

The signs of the Creator Alone from today, yesterday and also from all of the mentally retrieval yesteryears, that we dear reflect upon with spiritual humility, should make us undaunted in believing in and saying resolutely that there’s no God, but the Creator Alone, Who’s deserving of worship and praise. That’s where I’m at now because the majestic splendors of everything and everyone in creation that I’ve seen, or hope to see, thus far, and, hopefully will in the future, testifies mightily that the God Force Alone’s solidarity, omnipotence and sovereignty is unparalleled and indistinguishable.

For that honor alone, I’m at prayerful peace within my very own spiritual soul, forever asking the Most High Alone for  His (alone) continued merciful forgiveness and continual guidance as I attempt to savor another welcomed moment in existence. The living experience is like no other for me and you to give thanks to and for, so we must cherish each breath that  we take because, like I’ve previously uttered, the next second isn’t promised to me.

When I think of that last sentiment, I’m once again signaling to myself, you and to others also that it’s time for all of us to engage in seeking the God fearing and loving wisdom of peace as a spiritual way of life, no matter whatever the season of the year we reside in. “Respecting the Creator  Alone of It All” encompasses everything I’ve said so far and, hopefully, we all in created “hue-manity” will continue to acknowledge, proclaim and teach that “There’s no god but the Creator Alone of everyone and everything, Who (alone) is worthy of praise and glorification.”

Furthermore, in closing, I have to admit I used to wonder why it is (and was) so difficult for some created folk to recognize that indisputable reality of “Respecting the Creator Alone of It All” until I comprehended Surah Al Kafirun’s esteemed wisdom in the Holy Qur’aan. Like that powerfully clear Surah states in essence—“for me is my way and for you, your way.” Enough said! For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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