Who’s Better Than You?

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today I’m just going to be very candid with my vibrations, and it’s about the negatives which so many of the world’s ethnic folk have about themselves. Yes, I’m talking about the very defeatist feelings some of these confused folk have about their very natures and auras.

I always like to explain why and how a certain theme which write about has entered into my mind’s space and why I feel compelled to address whatever it is that’s flowing through my thoughts. As an objective spiritual writer, thinker and writer that’s the way my vibes are stimulated and conveyed to you and others the way I do as a columnist.

So with that being said, and, hopefully, understood, I’ll press on, because time isn’t waiting for any lazy and callous “hue-man” being in captivity among us to keep the cycle of time rolling. Without any international insults offered, I hope and I trust that you comprehend that basic truism of life, even if I said it so plainly.

Some skeptic folk in today’s worlds of existences have very poor opinions of themselves, and I believe that it all starts from what they negatively tell subliminally themselves. As I am putting this piece together, I, respectfully, hope that this doesn’t apply to you, but, if it does, then read on because you may get something from my message today which may trigger something in you for the betterment of your soul.

If you are a constant, or semi-casual, reader of my columns over the past three decades, you know that I frequently use the motto that “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” Those five worlds carry a heavy meaning if understood the correct way.

Most careless ethnic thinkers are victims of their own pessimistic thoughts which, in turn, affects them in more harmful ways than they may realize. Any free-forming negatives fed to the mind eats away at any potentially positive productivity by slowly, but surely, distributing unproductive incentives to keep one from moving forward in a more meaningful manner.

Some ethnic folk are their very own worst enemies, and they don’t even realize it because they can’t, literally, see the forest for the trees. These same deprived ethnic folk are so disgruntled, confused, dismayed and disgusted until their negatives can easily rub off on an unsuspecting healthy minded soul if he or she doesn’t watch out.

For that reason alone, I try to avoid, as best I can, negative folk and their incentives because I simply don’t have the time to give vent to such folk and their paranoia and hopelessnesses. Unfortunately, these folk are like viruses spreading mental stagnations to the minds of many prospective legitimate knowledge seeking souls of the universal.

Again, you and I must ask ourselves, “Who is responsible for ourselves states/positions in life except us?” We may also reasonably ask,”Who is better that us?” Remember that “thoughts are synonymous to actions.”

While you take the time to think of some answers to those inquiries, I’m forced to say to you that I believe that no one is better than you because you are unique. And, as such, you were created to be something special in the world, and that’s my very personal spiritual belief system mantra that I live by.

It took me a little while to comprehend  that and to know that no one is better than me, or you. That’s a mental fixation for me, so I don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t have my best interest at heart, because I know that “smiling faces don’t always mean that they are sincere.”

Living in America, as brother of color for as long as I have, has taught me some invaluable lessons about some folk living in the universe. “Life is what it is, and there’s really nothing new happening under the sun’s unveiling,” if you feel where I’m coming from.

While you try to figure out what I just put said, I’ll add that I don’t let certain negative souls, no matter who they are,  come intact with my spiritual peaceful  scope of thinking or reasoning about the real important phases of my life. It’s my personal choice, as it may be yours too, to decide what’s really best for you spiritually moving forward in your own personal life.

Some folk I believe may get stymied when they have to please others for a meaningless laugh or some other sort worthless effort to simply be liked. It’s not for me, and I refuse to play that silly game of charades of lying to a falsified “me, myself and I” as so many frustrated ethnic folk do.

I say stop trying to be someone, or something, for someone else and just concentrate on being you. That’s enough work for you to do for a lifetime but unfortunately and quite realistically you and I only have “only” one moment at a time to get it together and no more.

That’s why I’m writing this column like the way I’m doing right now, and it’s the reason why the title for today is so blunt. It’s an in-you-face wake up call to all of our senses to stop being phonies and hypocrites to ourselves for once.

No one is better than the real inherently spiritually true you, therefore, none of us mustn’t, or shouldn’t, be fooled by the tricksters amongst us forever playing us like a puppet on a string. Do you get where I’m coming from now, or do I need to continue a wee bit longer?

Listen up! It’s very important to recognize that in the placebo game of life today that some folk live in fail to understand that “game recognizes game.” This unique spin on being able to detect when “smiling faces (sometimes) tells lies” is a formula for healthy mental survival in the game of spiritual living because “a mind is a terrible thing to waste or even lose,” if you catch where I’m coming from now.

Who’s is better than you when it comes to stop being positive in guiding one’s own life’s directions for the better? Some ethnic folk may not comprehend what I just asked and what I’m saying because they purposely choose to be “deaf, dumb and blind” to and about the finite realities of certain spiritual things in life.

Being frank, I was like that way until my collective life’s experiences taught me to look closely at the many errors in and of my past unhealthy ways of thinking in interpreting the signs from the Creator Alone. That’s why I know that some insincere and cunning folk in the universe play mind games of deceiving tricks on me, you and others, and, you know what, some of us don’t  even have the slightest clue that we’ve been, and are, being (still) played for suckers.

Politely I ask, “Do you know where I’m coming from?” And, now I add once more, “Who’s better than you?” Think before you speak because it may require some deep reflective references on your part in order to never forget that the ongoing game of the “deaf dumb and blind” among us is as old as created time itself.    

What I’m saying to you today isn’t a point of cynical fiction but rather a spiritual statement of being. “Who is better than you?” The answer should be clear by now—it’s no one but “you.”

“Thoughts are synonymous to actions.” Remember again that “game recognizes game” isn’t an elucidation from nowhere—it’s as real as real is. Put the Most High Alone first in all your affairs, and try to treat others as you sincerely wish to be treated yourself. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”





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