The Time is Now

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

This rap is for a young Euro-American teenager who I saw one day recently walking her big sister’s dog in the park. The dog got away from her and as she was chasing it, she obviously was getting out of breath doing so.

When I saw her dilemma, I gave chase too trying to be of assistance as best I could. For some reason the dog, really a big oversized, friendly male pup, came to me, and probably being well trained, the animal sat when I gestured that it do so. The young teen, after giving chase, finally came up to me and regained control of the playful pup’s attached leash and then she profusely thank me over and over again for rescuing the animal.

She said she didn’t know what her older sister would have done if she had let something happen to that animal because she (her sister) cherished that dog so much. As I listened to the young teen, who was probably around sixteen-years-old, I noticed that she was still slightly anguish, frowning and dismayed.

I took keen observant notice of that, and I politely, and ever-so carefully, told her that she needn’t worry unnecessarily about having potentially misplaced or loosing the pup because it was God’s plan that, in this past instance, the pup not run away and get hurt. She said that she wasn’t religious, and that she didn’t know what I was thinking or expressing when I mentioned that it was in God’s plan for the pup to come to me.

If you know me, you know that was an arena that I had to say something to the young teen that everything happens according to God Alone’s plan, including her sister’s dog responding to my rather quick, rapid instinctive command to sit, which the dog did instantaneously. I told the young teen that nothing happens just to be happening in life because there’s an underlying reason behind all occurrences in life as we know it to be in our somewhat limited understandings of life’s unexplained happenings.

She seem bewildered by what I told her, so I tried to make it simpler for her tender mindset. I said that there’s a profound reason behind everything that occurs or happens in the living process, even though we may not comprehend exactly why such and such incident or happenings occurred at what time they took place.

The young teen asked me if she could ask me a question to which I said, “Of course you may.” She told me that the  reason why she didn’t believe in God was because she was overweight and teased often in school because of her weight situation and how she looked, statements which pained me to hear.

As the apparently young troubled youth continued to say what was bothering her, I, for some unknown concerned reason, said to her that she was beautiful in the eyes of God Alone, Who, Alone, created and sculptured her beautiful, with no ill forgotten flaws in her design or gender. I also, in no uncertain words, told her in colloquial street slang, “Later for all those stupid naysayers,”  who spoke negatively about her, her size and whatever else they may have maliciously said to her face or whispered behind her back.

I was flaming angry after listening to this beautiful young, disturbed soul tell me what she had been enduring just trying to survive another day on this earth. Speaking straight on, I related to her, as best I could, that I wanted her from know on to learn to tell herself that she was in control of herself in all arenas that affect her life.

Then I told her, in no uncertain words, that she must learn to practice this process “at all times and in all circumstances in life, without fail.” Also, I told her that she must try to control things in her immediate power, like her emotions, and for God’s sake, do not let anyone, and I do mean “any” folk, who really don’t matter, dictate how she views herself and the world at large.

Believe it or not, the once frisky playful pup was at chill’s rest during this entire conversation, a point I made the young teen aware of. I told her that she was created and born to be super in whatever she positively wish to do in life, and I wanted her to realize that she has to take total control of any reality affecting her life’s experiences.

Thinking about this scenario reminds me of my mother, who was a respected school teacher, and her love for all of her students, no matter who they were. In her mindset, of her students were her children, and I grew up never hearing my mother, or father, put down anyone, even though they were born in and raised in a racially divisive environment during much of their lifetimes.

Also, this young teen, who informed me that she had no mother or a father, and that only her big sister was raising her, let me know that her life was rough. This heartbreaking scenario is probably represented by probably more American children than some of us, who may have comfy homes, perfect physical spouses and picture postcard ideal families, etc. care to blink about.

While many in is this land of milk honey live the proverbial American Dream, unfortunately, many others are suffering emotionally and hurting mentally for want of being loved, respected and accepted for who they are. Listen carefully and please, very respectfully, don’t get this twisted, I believe that all created beings by the Most High Alone are souls who have value and deserve mutual respect and love.

Once again, please listen, “The Time is Now” to show our mutual kindred respect and love for all “hue-manity,” including the ones like the young teen I met in the park. So, I’m inferring that if we, as the so called fable American People, don’t show love and respect for each other then there’s much in the American Dream that still (in reality) which applies to only a select few, while leaving many destitute in the bald eagle’s domain.

The alarming reasons why I’m writing this is that I’m sick and tired of seeing young people, especially ones like the innocent prey victim above mentioned young teen in question, belittled by venomous remarks about their physical appearances, impoverished conditions, and who knows what else, etc. I couldn’t say all that I’m saying to the youngster, but I’m saying it to you and to whoever may read this.

Our proud futures, as Americans of all colors, shapes, hues, etc., exists  within the precedents that these young folk are educated with all due respect to natural moral laws of the Creator Alone. If understood, then “The Time is Now” to show that universal love and respect is morally and legally for all stay without biases or intimidations.       

Finally, I guess my message is about showing more compassion to one another because you never know what another soul is going through. Include me in that equation, as I’m sure you probably are saying make room there for you and others there also. And “The Time is Now” to get the love and respect or all movement on before it’s too late.

I’ll end my piece now by reminding you that we all need love and respect, especially in trying times. No one is beyond being tested by some calamity, trial or disappointment in his or her life, and I mean no one, including you.

So, it’s time now to show love and a whole lot of respect to one and all, no matter who they are, and learning to love one’s self by liking who you and others are is not a crime of superiority or selfishness. For today and always, that’s “As I See It.”

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