Oops! and Other Comments

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

Before I  begin my article today, I must correct an error I made last week in my article entitled “The Suddenness of a Sad Tragedy.” In it I erroneously stated that my son was in possession of a 2002 Los Angeles Lakers’ championship jersey with the entire team’s signatures on it.

My son read the article and informed that, yes, he was in possession of a rare Lakers’ commemorative team jersey, and I, somehow, misunderstood what he was telling me. He staid that the autographed team jersey he had was from around 2006, and it wasn’t a Laker championship team that had signed it.

Though it was signed by the Laker team from that 2006 season, it did, in fact, include a very, very prominent signature of the late National Basketball Association iconic great Kobe Bryant. I have to say to one and all, including my son, “Oops! My bad.”

So, I offer my professional apologies to all of my readers for that gaff and my incorrect posting of that slightly misleading sporting tidbit in last week’s article. And now with all that being said and done, I must now concentrate on the immediate tasks at hand and offer my pensive vibes for today.

My thoughtful vibes for today are about the state of all ethnic “hue-mans” coming together in a sense of eliminating racism and establishing respect toward and for one another. These issues are very important to me, and they should be for you and all others  in “hue-manity” in order for all of us to look at it and see what we have to do in making America and the world-at-large a better place to live in before it’s too late.

So, in light of what tragically happened to Kobe Bryant, his darling daughter, Gianna, and the other cherished seven souls, who lost their lives in that January 26, 2020, accident, I’m reminded that time, in this phase of life, is a fleeting reality. I feel compelled to offer that as a poignant reminder to us all without reservations.

A true spiritually thinking, clear headed soul of creation should know and realize that bigotry and hatred of anyone are lost sensations when it comes to being at peace with his or her fellow brother and sister of creation. Please don’t just pass that opinion of mine aside like it’s an afterthought as you, hopefully, expect to solve the disgusting and venomous viruses of racism with more than merely wishing upon a star in the distant galaxies.

No, my dear reader friend. Racism, bigotry and discriminations of all kind don’t disappear like Casper the so-called friendly ghost. We have to come together to deal with and secure ways and means in correcting the major scourges of prejudices that have affected our nation since this country became a biased divided enterprise.

That statement shouldn’t seem strange if one objectively understood the slave-master underpinnings of our nation’s “his-story.” And, maybe, if we swept divisional, misguided patriotic sentimentalities aside for just a rational spiritual moment, we’d be able to come to together and talk openly about what ails and divides the nation on a whole.

I don’t believe by uttering that that I’m being biased as “a thinking brother of color” thinking about feeling that making the U.S.A. a real land where freedom and justice is and should be an actuality for all of its citizenry. And I firmly believe that it all starts at the conference tables of respect, which should be in every soul, home, village, community, village and town where the bald eagle’s domain holds sway.

Listen carefully, a truly peaceful lady of the world from California recently shared some revealing thoughts and reflections with me that I presently want to put before your thinking apparatus for you to digest as best as you can. The reflective quotes are very profound, and you’re going to have to squarely adjust your thinking caps as you attempt to disseminate what this intelligent California soul was (and is) saying.   

She said that she remembered a college professor once instructed in a class that she attended that this professor taught a concept called “Groupthink.” This “Groupthink” is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people have a deep desire for conformity which ultimately results in dysfunctional thinking and behavior.

Does that sound like anyone or any specific group of”hue-mans” in your worlds of existences whom you may be associated with? Please don’t take too long to answer because time is fleeting, and it’s nothing to play with because the next moment could be your very last one.

Hmm! Continuing and moving forward, the lady from California informed me also that the professor added that the group (in the Groupthink dynamics) loses their morality and cultivates a false sense of power and invulnerability based on a need for cohesiveness. Does that sound like something that happens to current ethnic enslaved minds or folks who are slave masters-in-hiding?

I’m not afraid to go there in an effort to get you or the next mentally sleeping soul who is devoid of spiritual comprehension to realize and acknowledge that any moment in time is fragile. Being free from mental bondage is nothing to take lightly, so don’t play with the fragility of life, especially if you are cognizant of what time it really is and aren’t deceived by so many modern, sinister political tricks and games of chance that are floating everywhere.

Please again respectfully think about what’s being said so far in all of their labelings and pontifications, regardless of what your so-called ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. is or may be. The game of modern politics, or simply, “poly-tricks,” e.g., many times plays a big part in keeping many deceived folk locked in going nowhere, clandestine “Groupthink” circles of uncertainty.

Sometimes, this “Groupthink” leads many unaware ethnic folk in the mental backwoods of going nowhere until it’s not funny in the ways in which many of the “poly-trikstians” also continually divide, mislead and totally corrupt the minds of ignorant voters-to-be and purposeless constituents-in-waiting. Do you agree, or do you think outside of your very own “Groupthink” dynamics?

Answer at your own risk, if you’re not afraid to speak the truth to your own consciousness, and if you truly believe in freedom for all. Sadly, “in my frank assessment,” our potentially great land is still a politically divided union, no matter how much we may want to gloss over the inherent issues of color, race, class, religion, gender and ethnicity, etc. with placebo agendas of meaningless oaths of persistent equality hyperbole and whimsical political rhetoric.

I’m concluding my “other” comments for today, but I’d appreciate it if the aforementioned clairvoyant dilemmas and disturbing factors that exists in today’s U.S.A. made you think outside of your own biased and racial narrow mindedness, then I, again, offer no apologies. After all, the truth is the light.

And it is most definitely the truth when anything separates us from each other as “American People” in our own ballyhooed land of the free and the home of the brave, then we must sit down and get it together before it’s too late. The challenge is upon us all. Case closed, and for today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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