Realtor Kevan Chisolm Commits To Clients Through Homebuyer Services

Kevan Chisolm

By Barney Blakeney

Kevan Chisolm was raised to be the kind of man who understands that his walk through life requires that he not only be the best he can be, but also that he impacts the lives of others in positive ways. Since entering the field of real estate as a loan officer in 2001, he’s been on a mission to help those with challenges in their quest for homeownership.

Chisolm, a 1993 Summerville High School graduate, entered the Army Reserves after high school and did stints working in manufacturing, sales and business management a few years before he found his niche in real estate. Starting as a mortgage loan officer Chisolm soon saw that for many of those denied loans, there were options that might help them secure the loans they sought. For some, approved credit was the challenge they faced. And for those willing to put in the work, it was a challenge they could overcome. Helping clients to fix their credit became one of the ways Chisolm chose to help others buy homes. He believes homeownership helps families create generational wealth.

My goal is to help families create generational change through homeownership and financial literacy. I believe everyone can achieve the goal of homeownership. However I also believe it is important to educate them on how to buy a home and how to stay in the home owner role,” Chisolm said so he began doing free credit repair.

He went on to acquire his real estate license and while real estate sales was financially lucrative for him personally, Chisolm became acutely aware of the need for agents to offer clients sound financial advice when the real estate market crashed in 2008. “I was doing okay, but I saw how so many homeowners just got flipped. I didn’t like what I saw happening in the market,” he said. Shortly there after he started free home buying workshops and credit repair to educate and help the public.

As fate would have it, Chisolm in January 2019 stepped into an opportunity allowing him to continue helping people. He was offered a position at Boykin Real Estate in North Charleston. By May he became the trainer. By August he had become its Broker-In-Charge. Two months later he was offered the opportunity to buy the business. With some 19 agents working for him, Chisolm saw he now had the opportunity to change the focus in real estate sales.

“I tell my agents it’s not enough just to make the sale. They also should have a vision of the future for that client. A person buying a $100,000 home deserves the same service and consideration as someone buying a $300,000 home. For many homebuyers their home will be the biggest investment they’ll ever make. It can be an investment that will create generational change for their family.”

With that in mind, Chisolm has restarted the homeownership workshop seminars. “As the new owner I am committed to ensuring that all homebuyers, especially first time homebuyers, are educated regarding the buying process and that they are protected throughout the process. To do that I have established two community initiatives that are cost free, helpful and informative. The first is the first time home buyer’s workshop which encompasses credit consults. The second is one-on-one budget assistance to help individuals purchase a home and prepare for the cost in maintaining it,” said Chisolm.

“The purposes of these initiatives are to bring a different face to the real-estate community by taking the focus away from inventory and sales and putting it directly on the homebuyer where it belongs. Through our education and training programs we can help to ensure not only their success, but the success of generations thereafter,” he said.

For more information about Boykin Real Estate, its workshops and its seminars contact Chisolm at: Kevan Chisolm, Owner & BIC, Boykin Real Estate, 5049 Netherby Ln Ste 301, North Charleston 29420 – Phone 843-568-7216 or email him at: [email protected]

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