Another Day at the Office

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

We all are living in this present moment while existing in the only arena that I know of that’s called life. Some of us cherish this pristine opportunity with spiritual significance, and some others obviously take it for granted that they are blessed to be in the here and now.

In my view of looking at life, I tend to reflect upon every moment in the here and now as something so unique and fortunate until I can only give homage to the Creator Alone of everyone and everything for granting me the sacred experience of being here doing what I’m presently doing. What’s your call on that flow from my mind?

As you prepare your dormant thoughts to answer that, I’d like you to just think for a little while about existing in the living experience as being at the office of existence seeking an understanding as to why you, and no one else, was given the prestigious “j.o.b.” that you have called the gift of life. It’s really something important to think about because one’s “thoughts are synonymous to actions.”

If the the timely motto, “So as a soul thinketh so does he or she becomes that thought,” is as real as it can be, then we need not play with thinking about the fragility of a precious moment given to us by God Alone. Life is precious and living today is likened by diverse some ethnic folk like going to work at one’s office or “j.o.b.” and, in many sordid norms, it’s also so very understandable why it could be commonly seen as such.

That’s a key point to remember because each second in the living experience is not promised to any created being except by the Most High Alone’s permission. And if we are to take living as a no joke scenario, then we  know that we have to work very diligently in order to show the Creator Alone that we’re worthy of being given continual employment on this “j.o.b.” called living platform.

And as I view the tragic occurrences going on around the globe, I’m forever saddened by the fact that so many diverse ethnic “hue-mans” forget what they were put on this earth for. It was to live in peace with each other, and It makes me sad to see the terrible atrocities that are afflicted by maniacal souls upon one another.

I honestly sense that many misguided ethnic folk in “hue-manity” find it difficult to be at peace with others in creation for some contagiously sinister reasons. It’s as though they have evil agendas in the sense that they wish to do no good service toward or for their fellow beings.

I view being at “the office in life” is to know that you’ve been given a living employment opportunity to serve the Most High Alone by doing service to your fellow “hue-man” being without cause or celebrity. To serve and help another less fortunate soul is to know that you’ve found something relevant to do for a worthwhile purpose.

Listen carefully. Many olden, wise spiritual folk said that “to serve is to find something positive to do and then one should act positively upon that finding.” I personally don’t care what that positive thing is that you or anyone else in the universe choses to do in the vein of servicing, or helping, others—“just go on and do it, if possible.”

No whatever “j.o.b.” you’re assuming, you should make sure that you complete your mission or task, if possible, while carrying it out to the very end. We all have significant work to do at the office called life before our final earthly retirement called death takes place.

I offer that to you for you to ponder on as I express broadly and frankly that we all are servants of the Creator Alone and no other. So don’t get that spiritual truism mixed up with your or anyone else’s abstract-minded worldly interpretations of who, or what, you, or they, think that the Creator Alone of everyone and everything is or isn’t as so many heedless unbelievers in the Most Alone do.

Everyone is entitled to their respective thoughts, but there’s no doubt that we are all existing for a certain period in the present living arenas just as others in yesterdays gone by did. Time waits for no man or woman, and I don’t feel that I have to over dramatize that undeniable reality as so many folk are inundated with numerous intolerable schisms and distasteful isms which plaque the already doubtful mindsets of many of the world’s populace.

For example, from racism to fanaticism to, well, you name it, it’s as though the seduced world has gone mad with differing widespread political nationalisms and overt religious radicalisms hovering around us at alarming moments of each new day. Sometimes, I candidly wonder, “Who’s doing really his or her ‘j.o.b.’ and for whom do they really work, besides wondering what are their actual job titles or positions?”

No wonder so many oppressed folk of color think inwardly that today’s political climates of racial insensitivities is no more than simply the changing of the old guard’s racialism to the newly elected, oops, I mean, selected regime’s clandestine discriminatory policies. No one is fooled anymore thinking that racism is somehow dead or buried in our nation that’s still very much divided by ethnic classism, skin color and party affiliations.

You know that I’m speaking truth because it’s said everyday, but certain folk pretend that it doesn’t exist. Every intelligent soul knows that when social inequalities reclines at the bases of economic injustices and political prejudices, and they are the behind the scene foundations of why “some” privileged folk in power do what they do and have always done, then is it a pipe dream to believe that, if you’re of color, to think that freedom, justice and equality is only for some and not for the masses?

Moving on. Are skepticism, racism, cynicism, sexism and the like, e.g., still core segments of a conservative political reality and a dysfunctional  justice system for some in this land and the rest of the world? I politely ask that because most aware folk know a spade when they see one, and they also now know that the continuing poly-tricks and pseudo promises from “some” political folk are no more than “Another Day at the Office” for these “same” folk, and they most definitely know who they are, and you do too.

So, in due time, we all —me, you and others—have to recognize that there’s no “j.o.b.” at any office, no matter where you or they live, that should not be one of a respectable, honorable and decent nature. Nothing in doing that “j.o.b.” at our daily offices could (and should) be held in as higher esteem as the ones that we sincerely perform with the utmost happiness, appreciation and uprightness.

And by acknowledging that the Creator Alone has given us another aware breath of life to think truthfully and clearly, there shouldn’t be any need to be hoodwinked anymore by “some” folk who pretend to be your so-called political friends. Just look at what “his-storically” hasn’t been done for your  communities, businesses and overall concerns. Remember that “a real friend in need is a true friend indeed,” or are you still falling for the same old “Another Day at the Office” scenario? For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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