Feeling Awesome

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I just thought about something and that’s it’s okay to feel mellow in the present moment. Some folk in “hue-manity” may not comprehend that reality, but it’s healthy to be existing in a sound mental frame of mind while living in an equally positive living space.

That may not always be the case, but “Feeling Awesome” about life in general is definitely an acquired secured spiritual disposition. To say that rather succinctly is to put myself on the front burners of possible questioning and challenge by some disbelievers and other varied folk who are already in  very negative moods with unhealthy low esteem of themselves.

Sadly, coming to grips with misery and low self esteem is apparently visible everywhere you turn these days affecting every ethnic community from Utah to Vermont. It’s a terrible shame to sense that this is the reality that I’m putting forth, but we can no longer deny that there are many diverse ethnic folk in this country who have enumerable problems dealing with sordid degrees of personal displeasures and sustained unhappinesses.

We all sense that the living experiences today can be tortuous journeys to participate in, especially, if one is not in touch with his or her “real” selves. Being happy is a personal choice, and I firmly attest to the fact that the living experience is what you, me and others make it out to be, and it doesn’t take any graduate degrees to know that.

To the contrary, I steadfastly hold onto the premise that we all make our own desired states of happiness and, on the opposite scale, we make our own prisons of dejections, forgetting all along that “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” Many sorrowful folk are their very own worst enemies because of the abject messages they sends during entertain within their very own thoughts and actions.

It’s been said that we all want to be happy, but for a lot of ethnic folk in “hue-manity,” happiness is an elusive, fleeting state of mental being that they can only attain only for a brief moment before it floats away like dust in the wind. I boldly and directly ask you in the privacy of your very secluded thoughts, “Are you like that now, or were you ever like that in another  lifestyle?”

Take your time to contemplate your answer to that inquiry because the contented mind you resurrect could be your very own. It’s said that an ethnic “hue-man” reaps whatever he or she sows in the living process, regardless of where they live or what they call themselves, understanding all the while that life is a fragile entity that no one should take for granted.

I don’t, and I trust that you don’t either, because we all are created uniquely different by the Creator Alone, and, due to that awesomeness, we all should know that each one of us in “hue-manity” is very special in our own individual ways. So, never forget what makes a genuinely spiritual thinker stay in tune with reality in the first place, knowing full well that each second in time is a splendid gift offering from the Most High Alone in order to be able to do something positive and wonderful with his or her life.

I can’t emphasize that enough because life’s experiences are what they are for everyone because these situations challenge us all to be ready to move past toxic folk, hurdles, or any other trying  areas, we may encounter in our day-to-day experiences. After all, “Life is what it is,” and it really, in pure simplistic language, is no more than that, but it’s all we’ve got.                

Some folk may disagree with me, you, or others about that, and I’m perfectly fine with their respected objectivity, but it shouldn’t stop any of us from scoping the bigger picture in life, and that’s to be at peace within ourselves. Hopefully, that suggestive vibration from me will ruminate through all of our deepest internal and most private inclinations aiding us all in being better and more respecting citizens of the universe while we have the time to do so.

That’s why I’m forever aware that “Feeling Awesome” is more than just a casual cliché of meaningless verbosity extended to the winds of time. It’s a positive, self-motivated spiritual motto that resonates with my cognitive mindset, just as I feel that it should also within your soul. “You and are the ones who are responsible for making ourselves happy,” just as I’m cognizant that we’re the (only) ones who are responsible for making ourselves miserable.     

That’s not being selfish—that’s being wise. I sincerely believe that some negative thinkers in life are, and continue to be, their own worst enemies because they are always prognosticating negativities to their mental gulf streams with a steady flow of “wow is me isms.”

And when that occurs, they swim down dark mental streams and sink into the desolate creeks, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans of unhappiness, forever being sad at every turn in their lives making “Feeling Awesome ” a lost reality. It’s up to the true desirous soul to motivate himself or herself to enjoy the sweetness of life’s spiritual blessings in more ways than he or she can count.

Sometimes, I whimsically ask myself, “Why is happiness such a disappearing experience in life for so many untold and unhappy ethnic folk of every nation on planet earth?” Also, I ponder whether some folks really know that it’s fruitless to be burdened with trying to please others in society who literally and figuratively do not have their best interests at heart.

It took me a while to understand that and, when I did, I understood that each moment in time has lasting value, albeit ever-so-fragile. You may think that I’m being totally pessimistic when I speak openly about those aforementioned self-questioning inquiries in the previous paragraph, but I’m not.

I’m a spiritual citizen of “hue-manity,” who cares sincerely care about my fellow ethnic “hue-man” beings with respect, the earth’s evolving ecological changes with concerns and “hue-mans” injustices toward each other with enlightenment alarms. Being aware is to seek a higher understanding of being.

So, “Feeling Awesome” is my personal inner calling to my spiritual self to look at and adjust my blossoming attitudes about life in general with positivity and not let worries of any kind take root in my heart, mind and soul. Like I said, this is very personal for me to feel this way because I truly, truly believe that “you are what you think.”

Having said that, do you follow my drift thus far? I trust that you do, knowing fully well that “misery loves company,” and “it takes two to do the tango dance, but it only takes one miserable soul to be his or her own miserable, foolish self.”

I pray that that’s not your present state of mind or anyone else’s mindset who you may know. In closing for now, remember that the living experience is too much of a fragile precedence to not safeguard it with positive spiritual outlooks and robust mental dispositions.

Keeping that in mind will ensure that you’ll comprehend what “Feeling Awesome” is all about in your very own heart, mind and soul. Activate it with the positive “thoughts are synonymous to actions” vibrations within you and you’ll see a real dynamic change in your life’s experiences for the better. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”     


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