Moving Ahead in the New Year

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Greetings and Happy New Year to one and all and, of course, that includes you, the reader. It’s a another select moment in time and space for all of us in “hue-manity” to be so very thankful for just being alive in the here and now.

You don’t have to be cordial or religious to accept that sentiment, but you should be aware that time waits for no one, especially, when death lurks right around the corner for every created soul and thing in the universe. That very knowledgeable reality challenges me to always think about savoring this blessed moment and in being the best the that I can be — right now because time waits for no one.

I know that it’s a new calendar year’s beginning for some semi-consciously aware folk in many parts of the Occidental world, especially, for those who observe and recognize the Gregorian calendar as their standard yearly beginning. So, no matter, whether you recognize, accept or adhere to this calendar among many others, it’s still a cherished new day’s beginning for all, no matter where you reside in the universe.

In the nostalgic mental mindsets of some Occidental inclined folk, I sense that more than a few of these folks, who make annual New Year’s Day resolutions, never, seemingly, ever remotely follow through on any of them in the least applications. As I look at this repetitive annual custom, it’s like words written on water, because, in so many instances, these self-expressed vows of enhanced wishes just seem to float away like the passing of time.

Sometimes, I wonder and question why so many folk make these desirous and devouring wants in the first place. I guess, in all of its many sordid norms, all that a common practitioner, or dream fantasizer of this antiquated habit, is really only doing merely following  traditional suite as others have done before in millenniums past.

Please let me initially establish now that I must say one thing in advance, and that’s that I, unequivocally, believe in the majestic power of positive thinking because I believe you are what you feed your mind. My issue with the age-old New Year’s resolution degrees is that I sense, in society-at-large, that most folk only “parrot” things that they wish to bring about for the betterments of their lives with no legitimate intent to initiate and effectuate same, especially, during New Year’s pomp and ceremonies.

Do you sense where I’m coming from today and, as you read on, don’t exclude yourself, positively or negatively, from this equation, because we all may fall short of keeping our promises to ourselves in fulfilling our secret ballyhooed oaths and dreams. Again, I’m not knocking anyone for reaching for new levels of bettering themselves and, somehow, not following through on their unfulfilled optimism because life’s perpetual tests, challenges, trials and experiences may throw them off course if they’re not seriously committed to bringing about change(s) in themselves.

If there’s a need for improvement in one’s character/disposition, then one should get busy immediately in rectifying whatever it is that needs to be corrected, altered or added for the better enhancement of one’s inner and outer selves. I advance that suggestion to whoever it is that maybe playing crude, wistful games of luck with himself or herself while making imaginary wishes and vows for self-improvements, or whatever it is he or she deems necessary, for starting the New Year off with positive motives and intents.

Hopefully, as you read on, you don’t and won’t take what I’m am saying in a pessimistic way. In all actuality, all that I’m attempting to do is highlighting, as food for thought, a need to cease and desist with pointless vows uttered to the wind that we know, good and well, that we’re not going to fulfill in the least.

Yes, this is another New Year, but does any determined soul really need a presupposed time of the year to do anything to bring about enhancements in his or her life? I say no because I firmly believe that only earnestly devoted and diligently dedicated actions brings about any productive nuances in our lives and worlds of existences, no matter when it is needed or wanted.

I’m a spiritually objective thinker, who believes that we all are responsible for our successes and failures in our respective living experiences. Hence, “So as a ‘hue-man’ being thinketh, so goes he or she,” is my cardinal and omni present understanding in accomplishing anything that I, you or anyone else in “hue-manity” for that matter can achieve in the living process.

It shouldn’t be that hard to decipher because what I’m writing about today isn’t about instructions in 21st century Morse Code. If you can relish what I’m talking about up to this point, then think about your own life code up to this fragile point in time and, respectfully, ask yourself if you’ve fulfilled all of your dreams, hopes or desires, or even come close to them at this time of the year while looking back on last year’s wishful unattended utterances.

As I unwind my thoughts for today, remember that the next moment in time and space, and most certainly tomorrow, is not promised to me, you or any other ethnic soul presently existing in the universe. We should all realize that living in the worlds of hollow hopes, wishes, falsehoods, dreams, lies and abstract realities leads a potentially resolute thinker nowhere but nowhere, and I’m being very genuine when I’m telling you what I’m saying to you today.

This article today is really delivered to you and for all those hopeful wishers of all types who need to put disciplined, positive and committed measures into practice in order to accomplish what their intended resolutions expressed. “Life is what we make it,” and idle thoughts and unproductive actions leads to infertile results, if you catch my drift.

Finally, ancient spiritual wisdom declares that nothing from nothing leads to absolutely nothing, and I’m sure that still applies for this New Year and beyond. Even a wise so-called fool knows that there’s validation of that assertion and conclusion. Need I say anymore? I don’t think so. In any and all scenarios, I wish you a Happy New Year! For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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