21 Charleston-area artists selected for ArtFields 2020

This year, there were 21 selected artists from the greater Charleston area making it one of the most highly represented in the state. In all, 95 SC artists have been chosen. The full list of accepted artists for the 2020 competition can be found here


  • Grand Prize – $50,000
  • Second Place- $25,000
  • People’s Choice 2D – $12,500
  • People’s Choice 3D – $12,500
  • Merit Awards- $2,000 (10 awards)
  • Category Awards (Digital/New Media & Film, Drawing, Installation & Performance, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture & Objects, Textile) – $1,500 (10 awards)
  • State Awards – $1,000 (12 awards, one per state)

For more information about ArtFields, visit www.artfieldssc.org/prizes-and-rules or call 843-374-0180.

Over $140,000 is up for grabs in prize money. In 2018, two of the top awards went to Charleston artists. 

2020 Charleston Area Artists Selected 

  • Joanna Biondolillo; Charleston, SC 
  • J.B. Boyd; Charleston, SC  
  • Celeste Caldwell; Charleston, SC 
  • Carol Frances; Charleston, SC 
  • Sherri Frye; North Charleston, SC
  • Kristin Gregg; Charleston, SC 
  • Matthew Hair; Charleston, SC 
  • Morgan Kinne; Charleston, SC 
  • Robert Lange; Charleston, SC 
  • Joe Walters; Charleston, SC 
  • Robb Helmkamp; North Charleston, SC 
  • Edward Heston; North Charleston, SC 
  • Judith Kramer; Summerville, SC 
  • Stefanie Neuner; Summerville, SC
  • Matthew Csernica; Mt. Pleasant, SC 
  • Steven Hyatt; Mt. Pleasant, SC 
  • Wilfred Spoon; Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • Suzanne Wolf; Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • Anita Laudone Harley; Johns Island, SC 
  • Cynthia Martinez; Johns Island, SC 
  • Pamela G. Bray; Edisto Island, SC 

Applications for ArtFields Jr. remain open for student artists in SC until February 13th, 2020. Student-artists in grades 1-12 who are 18 years old or younger are invited to apply. Submissions are free and almost $3,000 is up for grabs in prize money.

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