A Random Thought About Worrying

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Just recently I was in a conversation with an acquaintance of mine and the topic dealt with the aspect of worrying. It’s an arena of “hue-man” thought engagement that causes a lot of ethnic folk headaches and heartbreaks.

I can straightforwardly admit that at one time I was overly concerned about some things in my life that may have bordered on what you may loosely label “worry.” When I did worry I soon found out that it produced nothing positive whatsoever.

You see, being a spiritual believer and an affirmative positive thinker, I decided a long, long time ago ago that what most confused folk worry about was nothing but mental sweat gone to waste. I say that also because now, as I previously mentioned, I’m a committed spiritual soul who believes that only the Creator Alone’s perfect and without equal, and there’s no need to fret about anything.

By saying that, I’m now telling you that  I pray to the God Alone for everything, including for forgiveness and insight and to aid me when things in my life get a little congested as they sometimes do and will. I resolutely believe that to “worry is saying that your faith that has not said its prayers.”

Listen carefully. If you call yourself a believer in the Most Alone, please don’t let that prior statement by me escape your mental periscope. Sincere prayers to God Alone can take away all of your worries, etc., if you only knew what the power of serious-minded prayer to the Most High Alone can do in eliminating  your desires to worry unnecessarily about your doubts, concerns and fears.

By praying one submits his or her  wills of troublesome, unknown entities to the will of the Supreme Force Alone, Who (alone) hears and knows all and, therefore, quite frankly isn’t a need to manifest and participate in that dreaded scourge call worry. It’s very foolish to worry about anything you can’t control except yourself.

In my view, needless worry produces nothing but inner turmoil and lingering chaos in one’s heart and soul. We all should know that it been said that said that “so as a man or woman thinketh, so goes he or she.” Think profoundly about that because all that I’m saying is that one’s mere thought patterns can make him or her very happy or extremely sick.

That’s what I told my acquaintance as he was still camped out in his own private “worry zone” thinking about some things that were deeply bugging him for a long time, issues which were  making him tremendously perplexed for a while. It’s been related that misery loves company, and that’s all we seem to hear about from some ethnic folk today because worry and gossip appear to go hand-in-hand.

In my way of looking at life’s nagging issues, it’s a personal choice a spiritual thinker has to make in dealing with them, and please don’t confuse worry with being concerned about key issues in your life. No, I hope you intellectually and spiritually know that there’s a difference when looking at solving matters that are clearly out of your mental hands to solve.

Sometimes, it’s best to let things work themselves out, if you can. Like I said it’s a personal decision you have to make because, in the long scheme of things, “it is what it is.” And if you really, really realized what worry is, you’d stop allowing it to disrupt, clog and disable your life.

I actually think worry, or whatever term we use to describe our confused and uneasy states of mental beings, is the code name used by Satan to infiltrate our thoughts for the worst. And the more we allow that demonic sucker to prow into our hearts, minds and souls, with a “woe is me attitude,” the more we’ll forget to pray for the Most High Alone asking for His superlative help, guidance and protection.

I trust that you do understand what I’m putting forth because you must also  know that an old Southern spiritual folk saying that the Devil is a busy body, one who never, ever sleeps and is always stirring up mess, is so right on. Again, if that similitude is to be understood, and not to be taken out of context, then we should know why some  ethnic folk call living the way that do today “a living hell.”

My acquaintance asked what I did after I prayed when facing my own trials and tribulations. I thought about his question before I spoke, then I calmly said, “I try to smile, reflect to my spiritual belief system and take it all in.”

I told him my mother, who was a very deeply committed spiritual soul in her own way, once told me that I must do that (smile) even when things seemed to at the very lowest for me anytime in my life. She said that to me because her very own mother told her that “in the face of worries, one must smile often because where there are prayerful smiles, the Devil’s worries can’t exist.”

My mother didn’t have an especially easy life and I guess as you know I quote many of her pearls of wisdom, as much as I can remember at times, that she left with me. I mentioned that to my acquaintance that “life is what it is,” and he mustn’t be thrown off guard by the perennial ups and downs which occur daily in his life.

I sincerely told him that my mother, in her spiritual way of “telling it like is,” would say to me, “My son, Don’t worry about anything because worrying about things you can’t change is poisonous to the heart, and it’s damaging to the soul.”

It’s taken many, many decades for me to fully savor the truths of what that wise lady, who died in 1985, had extended to me over her life. I, forever, miss hearing her gentle voice and awe inspiring wisdom, which liberated me from some of the confusions in my own complexed worlds of existences in past years.

Yes, worry is and will continue to become a vexing poison to one and all if he or she doesn’t take his or her concerns to the Most High Alone in prayers. Some may disagree with my prayerful practical assertion but that’s cool because “to each his own,” and believe me, in any scenario, I’m not going to worry one way or the other about it.

My acquaintance asked me about what else he was could to do when things continually got a little icky in his head. I suggested to him to always possess faith in the Creator Alone and no other in and under all, and I do mean all, circumstances because the fragile living experience in this phase of life is too precious to play with. So you agree?

I believe that worry is useless and somewhat foolish because “what is going to be is going to be.” As I close, I’d like you to think about something I wholeheartedly told my acquaintance to ponder over that my mother once asked me to randomly think about.”

She asked me, “Can you describe or think of a single, solitary instance in your  life, my son,  where worry rendered you a good deed worth mentioning?” Can you, the reader, answer that with immunity? Please don’t answer immediately. Give it some thought and get back to yourself, if it really matters to you.

Life is too short an experience to be unhappy. Never forget that. So, to one and all, don’t sweat the small stuff. Smile, be happy and maintain the faith in the Creator Alone. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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