SC Football Coaches Association to Honor 2019 Palmetto Champions

The South Carolina Football Coaches Association (SCFCA) will honor the 2019 Palmetto Champions All-Star Football Team at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 5 at Seawell’s in Columbia. The banquet will recognize 26 (tie for the AAAAA back) high school football players and 10 high school football coaches for their excellent performance this season.

From this list, an overall Palmetto Champions All-Star Back, Lineman, Specialist Team Player, and Coach of the Year will be announced live at the banquet. Also, an award for Distinguished Service will be presented to Mike Reeder, Reeder and Associates, for his dedication to the South Carolina Football Coaches Association.

The members of the SCFCA 2019 Palmetto Champions All-Star Football Team:


Distinguished Service Award

  Name:        Mike Reeder

Agency/Organization:        Mike Reeder and Associates

                                      Retirement Analysis – Rollovers – IRAs – Investments

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