What is Being True and Loyal Today?

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

My expressed vibrations today will touch on some things that have been on my mind for a little while now. It’s about being truthful and loyal in today’s realm.

These are very important issues to me in my accreditation of who I call and value my “real” friends. So, forgive me if I come across today in rather forthright notions.

You see, in my candid view, “As I See It,” to be loyal and true is to be upfront and compatible with one’s self and others. There’s no jiving around with me with disloyalty when you talk about being a true, friend of mine, and I think that’s the way a lot of ethnic “hue-man’s” also feel about this topical issue.

I’m sorry if what I’m saying offends some folk, but that’s just the way I’m spiritually built and mentally constructed. There’s no two ways about saying it, or putting it, in front of your internal comprehensions.

I feel that if a soul cannot be balanced, trusting and upfront beforehand with me, then that soul, more than likely, cannot be straightforward with himself of herself without being a suspicious soul in charge of himself or her. Again, in my view, one has to be true and loyal to his or her own personal value standards.

That may be very difficult for some insincere souls because the trouble with these souls is that they let dubious thoughts ruin their mindsets. When that happens the skepticism seeds of disloyalty creeps in and saps the veritable life stream of goodness out of them.

Simply put, all of this leads to  the  development of any untrustworthy being who has literally sabotaged respect out of and away from himself or her self. Think closely about what I just said and try to reason why you may truly not have any reliable comrades in your inner circle of wannabe select friends.

My favorite maxim is that I’m only true and loyal with those select friends of mine who’ve been with me through the thick and thin of my life’s ups and downs. I’m keeping it real by being honest and upfront when I say that because you know that some of us in “hue-manity” play “the openly smile to your face and then covertly stab you in the back” facades for far too many times to count or mention.

Do you feel where I’m coming from? I trust that you do because I believe in the essence of loyalty when you ultimately know your very own trusting possibilities better than any ethnic breathing soul. Those trusting possibilities are the ones you and I need to be real to ourselves and others before we take our last breaths in this phase of the total living experience.

We must and should do this without any inexhaustible delays, and we must dedicate ourselves to being really loyal practitioners of them. There’s no more admirable realness than to exemplify loyal and truthfulness to one’s self and others.

 I feel that way because loyalty, especially, is a cardinal quality of a genuine “hue-man’s” DNA because it shines throughout the annals of times. If the old adage holds true that “a friend in need is truly a friend indeed” really holds forth, then it must be speaking about the rarity of the part that true fondness to loyalty plays in understanding that sentiment.

 I believe in that sentiment so much until I know of no other manner in which to describe what a true and loyal friend really, really is. I can’t put a price on the value of the loyal and true friends in my inner circle. Can you in yours?

While you ponder that ominous question, I would like you to remember that a loyal “hue-man” being is not a perfect being. No, he or she is very much like you and me, in that, we’re all beings in various stages of being tested in life by a few, some or many of the living experience’s ongoing challenges.

That’s why the true and loyal being is one who sticks to his or her faith in the  Creator Alone of everyone and everything in existence. Whoever does that then he or she knows the beauty of being blessed by the Most High Alone for giving him or her loyal and sincere friends-no matter who you are or what you say that you spiritually believe in.

These types of knowledgeable ethnic “hue-man” souls are the ones who make you feel that you’re blessed and growing spiritually beyond your present years. This reassurance makes you savor the comfort and ease of knowing you have true and loyal folk who have your back covered at any time of the day.

That’s a good feeling to know because loyalty implies, in a sense, that we should have to make sacrifices to be steadfastly loyal with our true friends, family members and others in all spheres of our understandings and interactions. To do that implies success in achieving mutual comradeship.

It’s a grand feeling to know that you’re loved and respected, but it means more that one could and should be considered trusted. That’s the way that I tabulate a true friend, a family member or a business associate because that soul is welded to loyalty in all of my interpretations of the word.

Like I said this is how I view loyalty in all aspects of the word, and if you disagree, I most assuredly respect your disagreements. But no matter what your or my thoughts may be about this point, we all must testify and agree that loyalty to family, friends, employment and country are (and should be) important linkages to the real concepts of the word for one and all.

I should add also that the number one loyalty point for me is my connection to my faith in God Alone and no other. I’m not by myself on this fact because I’ve found out that all of the Creator Alone’s prophets and messengers (peace be upon them all) agreed upon the theory of the Creator Alone’s distinctive uniqueness, and they all loyally said that God Alone is One.

So, I’m a self-admitted loyal believer in the unequivocal theory in the Oneness of the Most High Alone. To many in this potentially great land of so many  politically ethnic different folk, it’s still the workplace for me (and you and others) to reflect upon and embrace the fact that “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Our friends, families, fellow co-workers and others deserve the right to be who they are, but we must know and remember that some souls are not loyal to anyone or anything. So, we must stay on the equality paths of advancing positive self-development, fostering loyal integrity and cultivating spiritual uplift for and with respect for all in the USA as a national moratorium for all true and loyal seekers of justice for all.

In doing this loyal Constitutional obligation we can destroy racism, bigotries, discriminations, religious hatreds and all of the other abominable things, etc. that destroy our country from being what it proclaims itself to be. Remember that we are nowhere near there as long as there’s an oppressed  and forgotten segment of our neglected citizenry who are still singing “We Shall Overcome.” Think about that too!

As I end my column for this week, please ask yourself, “What does ‘Freedom’s Song’ really mean if it’s not shared by all, no matter what one’s skin color, ethnicity or faith direction is?” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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  1. Alan L on November 21, 2019 at 12:11 am

    Well said as always

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