Election Commission Denies Singletary’s Protest For New Election

By Beverly Gadon-Birch

On Monday, Mayoral Candidate John Singletary presented a formidable and compelling argument before Charleston County Election Commission for overturning North Charleston Mayoral Election that returned incumbent Keith Summey to office for a 7th term.  Singletary presented signed affidavits and videos of election irregularities that were accepted into evidence as exhibits. After viewing clips from at least two videos, the Commission elected not to view others due to a sound problem with their mics and said they would view the videos when they convened into Executive Session. It took the Commission less than ten minutes to return with a protest denial without having viewed the videos. The videos were still on Singletary’s laptop while they were “reportedly” considering his protest.

One of the videos presented by Singletary contained very disturbing remarks from a white Poll Clerk saying that “it was not that big of a deal” that a black voter could not vote. Say what?  It may not be that big of a deal to her because she has been “entitled” all her life. Entitlement means voting without challenge. It means born with the right to vote. On the other hand, black voters bled, suffered and died for the right to vote. Black voting rights came at an exorbitant price, so it is a “big deal”.

Two other protests were scheduled to come before the Commission, Jesse Williams vs. Dorothy Williams, the incumbent, City Council #6.  The incumbent margin of votes was 171.  Mr. Williams also protested the many irregularities at the polls. Protest denied!

The third protest by Todd Olds, representative for District #5, was withdrawn. Jerome Heyward, a newcomer to local politics, beat out Olds with a slim margin of 75 votes.

Why is it that voting machines irregularities occurred solely in North Charleston races? I have not heard of a single voting machine mishap occurring in any of the surrounding municipalities. Have you???

As fate would have it, later in the evening, I attended church service at Charity Missionary Baptist Church, and the guest preacher was check this out, Rev. Dr. Frederick “Freddy” Douglass Haynes from Dallas, TX. And, to put icing on the cake, he graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School. This preacher could not be just mediocre, he has too much greatness associated with his name. So, why is this relevant to Singletary losing his protest before the election commission? It’s what he had to say about “Black taxes”. Black taxes are what black folk experience every day. Singletary losing the election is a form of black tax. It’s the high price blacks pay when running for positions of power. It’s about higher expectations for blackness.

Black taxes come in all forms. It’s higher mortgages, rents, property taxes, payday loans, cars, student loans, corner store wine, beer and loose cigarettes,.Are y’all with me? Black life in general is taxing. The average black wakes up in the morning thinking about “how am I going to get through the day?” They can hardly make it out of bed thinking about “bills that are due.” On the other hand, their white counterpart wakes up to a piping hot cup of coffee thinking about stock options, vacations and putting their boats out on the water.

Tuesday, November 5, North Charleston residents paid a high price in not electing, for the first time in North Charleston’s history, a black mayor. Let’s look beyond “blackness” for a moment, if you can. Why is it that black expectations far exceed white expectations? Why do you expect every black candidate to march against injustices and raise the black power fist but not the white candidate? Many of you have never marched, so what’s up with that? Why aren’t white politicians, with their foot on your neck and hand in your pocket, held more accountable for acts of suppression?

Young people, it’s your time to shine! It’s time for you to carry the torch over the finish line. You have the power to eradicate “black taxes”. Do not be deceived by fads that will soon fade away, like red and green hair, holey jeans, windshield wiper eyelashes, $1,000 smart phones, etc. time to wake up! Do you not understand that these are diversionary tactics to keep you in darkness? I know y’all don’t want to hear this, but life is more than keeping up with fads. It’s about building wealth to pass along to the next generation. It’s about living the best life possible without an abundance of “black taxes”.

I spoke to Singletary after the protest. Y’all ‘scuse my English. He ain’t done yet. He is already revving up for 2023. Mayor Summey said he may run again if he can’t find a suitable replacement. Suitable for whom? I will leave “dat right there!

I don’t know about y’all; but, I am WOKE!!

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