Responsible Worthiness

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled “Know Thyself and Be Proud,” which appeared in this newspaper. And since its publication, I’ve received a lot of views about what I said in print in that column.

If you didn’t read it, I give you a quick uptake on the general theme of that column. In essence it was about my flow about a young Black woman of color, who, for whatever unknown reason to me and, maybe, even herself, she didn’t know or want to be identified as being Black, African-American or anything relating to or being being from the Motherland’s genetic “hue-manistic” roots.

You should read it to get a pure feel for what I said in that conversational written piece, but, in today’s column, I’ll, hopefully, speak to it and venture a little deeper into other individual and collective worthiness areas. That’s so very important to comprehend in today’s ethnically diverse, racially charged, morally challenged and politically confused living landscapes where self-worth is at a premium.

Today’s vibes really are about explaining in no uncertain terms that I believe that every created being in “hue-manity” is created special and unique by the Creator Alone’s decree. That was my basis for saying what I felt and said to the young “sistah” when she was clearly and mystifyingly denying who she was.

You see, we are created individually and one of a kind, and I believe inherently that there was no happenstance in her creation and being present in the here and now. She is special in so many norms and so are me and you.

There’s no mystical guesswork in our existences whatsoever, and I know that some folk in in the USA and elsewhere may not understand that for untold reasons of ignorances. From mounting prejudices to systematic indoctrinations, hatred of one’s self and others exists from the North Pole to the Caribbean.

I’m a firm believer in the Oneness of the Most High Alone, who created everything and everyone in existence for distinct reasons and for a certain frame of time in this temporary phase of life most of us call this present time. I also know that each of us has a part to play in creation and, if positively understood, the everyday world benefits from our place and role in it.

We all, who are in “hue-manity,” are from every ethnic designation, shape color and creed, have value and count in this life, plain and simple. That humble knowledge alone should let us know that we’re all unique in our very own individual ways and selves and our  collective ethnic cultural ties have meaning, value and worth in this short term living process we’re experiencing.

So, we must believe and know that we  are “someone” special in this life, hopefully, forever fulfilling positive roles that says we matter. From the strikingly, contrasting darknesses and lightnesses of our skin tones to our variant ethnic upbringings we are all unique, and we all matter.

I would like you to understand that I believe that no created being, no matter whether he or she be dark or light complexioned, will ever count in life unless he or she assumes responsibility to be the very best that he or she can be in life without hatred for another created being. Some aware folk know that being responsible in this short term phase of living demands being unbiased and performing continuous works of goodwill flowing from our minds, hearts and souls.

Sadly, I sense that basic understanding is lost on many diabolical folk  throughout the globe as you see how prevalent racial, religious and ethnic tensions galore dominates the Satanic thought corridors of the world. And you wonder why some folk hate who they are and what they look like. Think!

It’s a no brainer to me to see why most abstract-minded souls today do not use their hearts, brains and souls to better the world arenas where they reside. Instead, they work on atrocious, heinous stupidities for no good, depriving themselves of working together for the common good of their families, ethnic groupings, communities, nation and ”hue-manity-at-large.”

If we truly valued who we are as created beings and our purposes in this short term phase of life, we’d all be moved to get busy in doing more meaningful and substantive acts while we are alive. The living process is intentionally fragile at best and most spiritual aware folk know the certainty  of death awaits us all around the corner, so they know that being of useful service to “hue-mankind” always counts in the present and long schemes of life.

Please listen ever-so-closely.  Global ethnic folk, who are positively useful and are of service to “hue-manity-at-large,” are the ones who truly count and have lasting value in the world. Their positive deeds, works and unbiased actions, makes definitive differences in making the entire universe a place where being just and free, without ethnic hatreds and religious prejudices, are more than impulsive political catchphrases.

If you catch my flow today, and you’re one of the many who makes a positive difference in your worlds of existences, no matter where you live, then you count and matter in the world-at-large. Be serviceable and do something special and serviceable for someone other than yourself in order to make their lots in life better and then realize what value you really possess. It’s not rocket science.

Being someone who inspires another to be positively better in whatever he or she desires from the living experience matters to one and all. Possessing that kind of helpful soul essence enriches “hue-manity” in ways we may never know until we undertake such actions because “each one of us should know that we teach one another” when we honestly share and sincerely care about one another without envy or malice.

The especial living experience is really a trial under fire and, as such, we should learn every second about the  kindnesses and the evils that exists in life big time. I believe that you feel and know firsthand where I’m coming from when I made that frank assessment.

We all need to see and feel love, compassion, brotherhood and sisterhood in our daily and ongoing lives. There’s no denying that, but we must be builders of this proverbial loving and serviceable brotherhood and sisterhood concepts by our unified actions.

That’s the responsibility that lies before me, you and the rest of our collective local, statewide, national and international communities as we all should struggle to keep from spiritually and politically destroying ourselves from within.

We must make modernistic goals of universal peace and mutual respects for all realistic serviceable actualities and not  unfathomable dreams, which are futuristically deferred, as many of today’s hypocritical “poly-tricksters” do and say. So, we all must yearn and strive for doing what’s responsibly right and sane, and when we do this, you’ll never have second thoughts about whether or not you (or your votes) matter in life.

We all have worthy responsibilities as citizens of this potentially great nation of ours to eradicate racism, bigotries and intolerances, while establishing peace and love for self and others, regardless of who they are. Political America and the rest of the culturally polarized worlds of today need to strive for and practice what freedom and justice for all really, really implies. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”







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