The Other Side of Political Imagination

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today’s message is inspired by a marvelous time I had with a very politically connected brother of color last week. We broke bread together at new local eatery and shared an enlightening evening rapping about everything from systematic “poly tricks” to ethnic pride to, well, you name it.

One thing we most certainly discussed and emphasized, as two aware brothers of color with different faith traditions, was the need for all people of color to “see”and “feel” that they can do anything that they put their respective imaginative minds to. That theme resonated with me, so much so, until I’m now putting my spin on a few things from that delightful dinner conversation which I hope may help you and others in some objective shape, manner or form in being a better “hue-man” and citizen of this potentially great country we call the USA.

Unfortunately, having to deal with and facing ancient discriminations, cerebral intolerances and other nagging omni-present assorted societal ills leaves the masses of our nation’s “forgotten” populace truly feeling like ceaseless second-class citizens in the midst of the trials of their aching lives while living in the land of stagnant and broken political promises galore. After four hundred years of sufferings for America’s Afro-Americans, I’m still trying to fathom out why does racism and bigotry still exist in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Sadly, I know that may sound a little superfluous and cliché to a few disconnected souls in the universe, but to real spiritual and caring political folk, it’s not hard to figure out. They know that this truism is the very much the somber American political reality because they also know that having unbiased spiritual, moral imagination is the ultimate legitimate tool that all of the universally fair minded political achievers in life have always possessed.

In writing my vibes on this important asset called spiritual political imagination, I’m not merely wishing on a star for something to happen out of nowhere. No, I believe that “thoughts are synonymous to actions,” and they require positive and constructive political efforts in order to make things happen and to move our nation in the right moral directions for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender.

My late parents taught me from an early age on to cultivate my spiritual imagination, especially when and if it’s something I wanted to do or achieve in life. They both told me that nothing comes about without having to pay a price for it in sacrifice, sweat and toil.

Even in the game of today’s worlds of politically incorrect “poly-tricks,” anything that an individual wants out of or achieves in life comes about by making political imagination the cornerstone of the beginning process in achieving whatever it is that he or she desires in the political living process. Being a political emotionalist is good but we must remember that wishful dreams, without cultivating our spiritual imaginations along with it, are doomed to fail because of “The Other Side of Political Imagination.”

The resolute power of spiritual imagination and equality for all is the stuff that should naturally fuel the world’s real moral leadership success stories, but sadly it doesn’t. My mother used to say that successful political folk do the little things first in the spiritual imagination process because they “see” and “feel” first for all in their spiritual imaginations.

I believed in what she would tell me and as I grew older, I developed an inner sense of using my spiritual imagination to take my mind to places of tranquility and more. To each his political own, and my spiritual imaginations may not be yours, but you should allow yours to work wonders with your spiritual desires and political dreams in the best interests of “The American People,” which includes all folk of every ethnicity.

As you read on and wherever your mind is presently taking you now, I’d like to think that, as Americans and respecting everyone, our national spiritual imaginations are somewhere doing some sort of invisible good, enhancing what our nation should justly stand for in the first place. I hope that unapologetic expression is not too exuberant for your mental taste buds.

When I say taste buds, I’m referring to the very political fact that you have to remember that my mother said that you have to spiritually “see” and “feel” yourself in any arena, occupation, environment or activities before it can become a distinct reality. It all starts and ends with the thought provoking cultivation of your inner spiritual imaginations telling you that you can be all that you can be.

It’s all a part of life and, sometimes, it’s really the political small things in life that lead to the bigger ones if you read me. Here again, you must realize that, and I’m repeating my aforementioned vibes that “thoughts are synonymous to actions” once more, so please don’t forget the importance of an imaginary spiritual moment in your mind’s eye.

You and I have to spiritually “see” (and “feel”) that the small political efforts we energetically employ in cultivating any of our varied our dreams, desires and wishes, whatever they are,  lead to larger positive things happening in our extended worlds of existences.

The political worlds of today are full blown obstacle courses on so many disillusioned fronts until it’s becoming an epidemic harboring lost, corrupt souls. Some of these folk make their lives rut unto themselves because they lack the spiritual imaginative abilities to morally engage in thinking positively in overcoming the hurdles they encounter.

Successful spiritual folk know that it takes two to do the tango, but it only takes one to be a political fool in the game of “poli-tricks.” Politics may be considered an unprincipled game of sorts, but I believe that it takes faith in the Creator Alone, cultivating one’s spiritual imagination and never quitting a committed task that you start in order to handle the real tests and trials of life.

No matter one’s lot in life, he or she can rise above the limitations of his or her political enemies by cultivating his or her spiritual imaginations. I really believe that, with nothing to the negative, because “thoughts are synonymous to actions” in deciphering “The Other Side of Political Imagination.”

I know that I’ve used that expression often in this article, but the successful political minds and souls of yesteryear and of today’s modernity knew and know that no one or thing could or can hold them back from attaining their political goals if their positive spiritual imaginations were on point. Are yours?

Did you know that time is running out on senseless political wind talkers and careless idle spiritual achievers? When opportunity knocks, the consciously aware moral folk, with real positive imaginations, are ready to do their activist things because they are the sincere go getters who know that it’s all about serving the people, and that includes “all of the people,” including me, you and others.

“The Other Side of Political Imagination” challenges you, me and others to think about what’s (really, really) going on politically in our cities, towns, villages, counties and the nation-at-large. Think before you vote! For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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