Hurricane Dorian’s Signs About Life

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Hurricane Dorian has come and gone, and it has left a wrath of destruction in many parts of the globe where it touched down, most notably and tragically in parts of the Bahamas. Many other sectors of southeastern USA and Atlantic Canada were touched by this super powerful hurricane, and all those who were not affected are glad that this tremendous force of nature didn’t cause them any further damage, pain and miseries by the Creator Alone’s grace.

In its aftermath, just for today’s conversation, I wonder how many of us, who were marginally or remotely affected by this hurricane, no matter where you call home or what you believe in, were really thankful to the Most High Alone for being spared for not having been severely tested in situations like some people were in certain parts of the  Bahamas. I have and did, and it made me somberly think of a few other things along the way.

I’m in that mode of thinking as I write this column, so travel with me, if you will, in examining the faculties of the Most High Alone and what we really believe in. My experiencing the effects of what the hurricane did to my spiritual heightened sense of comprehensions led to what I tossing your way today.

In my persistent view, life is an amplifying sojourn from one spiritual moment in time to the next, and I truly recognize with each advancing day how costly each second is. I’m a believer in and worshipper of only God Alone, who believes that everything happens for a specific reason and there’s no denying that in my book of understanding.

From the arrivals of dreaded and unfathomable natural phenomena like developing hurricanes to the occurrences of unforeseen known and personal deaths upon our doorsteps, e.g., life’s motley and unexpected happenings are nothing to take for granted or to be lightly disregarded as they parade before our very eyes and souls on continued, revolving axes.

I’ve said that so often, in so many diverse and multifarious formats in my past columns over the last thirty years, until it’s a reality check for my progressing spiritual growth to always acknowledge and realize that I must bear witness to God Alone in and under all circumstances. Again, I do this openly because I recognize and believe in the power and majesty of the Creator Alone’s singularity during all of life’s states of affairs.

This is a clear path of remembrance that I follow and believe in like billions of other like-minded souls  in “hue-manity” do in some spiritual norm or the other. The recent hurricane, as a sign from God Alone, has made me think about that, and if you also truly believe in the oneness of the Creator Alone, who is generally referred to as God, you probably are a “theist” in some manner, shape or semblance of spiritual expression.

Respectfully, I’d like you to listen closely because I believe that if you identify as a “theist,” you probably are doing so because you believe that there is a God who controls life and death and all that happens in between. I’m not going to get too deep into the logic behind that term today because some “theists” may even have ideas within that concept that there maybe (possibly) other gods also.

The hurricane named Dorian, having caused so much destruction and loss of “hue-man” life, has made me very aware and conscious of all of those departed folk who may have believed what they choose to with the greatest of reverence. I humbly offer that, even though I only believe in the Creator Alone, who has no partners or the like attached to His Alone divine nature.

This extended to us living experience is so valuable until I’m not allowed to consciously take anything concerning it for glib chatter and idle malarkey. No, no way, I can’t disregard the preeminent  signs of nature from the  Supreme Force Alone, who alone is in charge of everything that occurs in existence and that includes existence of a storm, life and death, etc.

Everything in life is a spiritual sign, and as I’ve seemingly written, like a thousand times, that this thing loosely labeled the living experience is fragile at best as we move from moment to moment in its diurnal unfolding wake. To be granted another limited opportunity to exist in this rarified vacuum called the living experience is a high-priced gift from the Most High Alone, and it’s to not be taken for granted. No one in creation has time to play if you know about the signs of life.

That’s why when I see the natural occurrences of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclone, typhoons, windstorms and tsunamis taking place all over the globe at varied and distinct times in life, I have to humble myself and recognize that these events are from the signs of God Alone. I sincerely believe that some absent-minded folk in “hue-manity” are “deaf, dumb and blind,” to the omnipotent and unquestioned signs of nature coming from the Creator Alone and absolutely no other. Take nothing for granted.

Living in the world of today, as others in yesteryears past did in their time, always is, and has been, a mighty spiritual challenge because there are so many conflicting belief patterns in existence floating all over the place, including the concept of “atheism.” If you don’t know who “atheists” are lets quickly say that their view is that there is no God or Supreme Force who deserves to be recognized or worshipped.

There are even some other global souls who you may describe as “agnostics,” who generally believe that there may or may not be a God presence in the universe, but they don’t know or can’t know either way. On the other side of the fence is concept of “nihilism” where some folk believe that there are no objective values—nothing is really good or terrible in any objective sense of comprehending any occurrences in life.

While you ponder that rather dubious scenario don’t forget to include the “pluralism” of some folk in Christianity who say that they believe in God’s oneness, but give “hue-man” kinship to the Most High Alone’s uniqueness. In another ancient spiritual belief system called Judaism it presupposes that their God Alone is personal and they, and only they, are the chosen select folk of the Creator Alone.

It is said that in many forms of another leading and very populous spiritual system called Hinduism that the concept of God is very non-personal. In my own spiritual teachings of Al-Islam, it directs worship only to the Creator Alone and totally rejects explicitly that God Alone had a son or daughter associated with the divine Oneness of the Creator Alone.

And some forms of another ancient belief system known as Buddhism affirm that there’s no God at all. Believe it or not, I know some folk who say they are God incarnate and espouse some other bizarre stuff that goes along with that methodical concept of self-worship.

All these things were flowing through my head during last week as I reflected on the coming and passing of another sign (Hurricane Dorian) from the Creator Alone. It made me say that you can believe whatever you want but I ask, “Does created being have the power to create and control life or death or, furthermore, to be able to dramatically extinguish or disable a phenomenon like a hurricane, tsunami, whirlwind, typhoon or a tornado?”

I’ll wait for your answer in another time and space because right now, no matter what you believe in or call yourself, not knowing who “The Creator Alone” of everything and everyone is will do you any good if its your time to vacate this phase of living, especially in a hurricane. Remember that no created soul, man or woman, knows the hour when death will come knocking at his or her door.

Everything is a sign from God Alone. Think about and never forget that. May the Creator Alone ease the pain and sufferings of all those affected by the wrath of Hurricane Dorian, wherever they reside, especially for the souls who called the Bahamas home. I wish you all love and peace in the Most High Alone’s name. As always, that’s, “As I See It.”







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