Charleston County Debris Removal Update

Photo by NeONBRAND

Charleston County staff finalized the debris removal plan and all residents in need of assistance to remove debris will be serviced by Charleston County or our municipal partners. Citizens should be placing vegetative debris curbside and make sure to keep it separate from trash. Paper leaf bags filled with vegetative waste will be collected. 

Debris Removal 

Eight teams completed damage and debris assessment of the paved and unpaved County road system. Public Works is coordinating all emergency road repairs and debris pickup operations are underway. The debris removal contractor, Ashbritt, anticipates 30 trucks operating by the end of the week. Additional resources will be made available as necessary.

The County and municipalities estimate Hurricane Dorian created more than 200,000 cubic yards of debris. The goal is to deploy a truck to every area of Charleston County within three weeks and have all storm debris completely collected within two months. Staff anticipates some areas will need multiple visits before the operation is complete and citizens are encouraged to separate debris curbside as soon as possible. 

If you have debris questions, contact your municipality:

City of Charleston: 843-724-7311.

Town of Mount Pleasant: 843-849-2022

City of North Charleston: 843-745-1026

James Island PSD: 843-795-9060

St. Andrews PSD: 843-906-3436

Unincorporated Charleston County: 843-202-7600

Residents should begin placing debris curbside and follow these guidelines for separating items:

Additionally, do not put any vegetative debris items in plastic bags. Crews will not be able to determine if the items are for debris pick-up or normal household trash. Any debris in plastic bags will be collected by your regular waste hauler.

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