Human Beings of All Races, Colors, Nationalities, Languages, and Faiths Should Lead the Eastside Charleston Community

By Mateusz Wojnarowicz

My name is Mateusz Wojnarowicz, I’m 14 years old, and I recently read an article on The Post and Courier newspaper website that said the Eastside Community Development Corporation needs to “recruit whites.” Okay. Can someone explain to me what exactly does “recruit whites” mean? You don’t recruit just blacks or just whites. Human beings of all races, colors, nationalities, languages, and Faiths should lead the Eastside Charleston community.

A community organization doesn’t “recruit” a racial group because that’s discrimination. A community organization should accept all races who give their time and donate, not just one or two racial groups. The world is not just black and white, and the South is not just black and white either. It’s the 21st Century and segregation, anti-miscegenation, hypodescent, and the one drop rule are all abolished, even though people try to still socially enforce them.

As a Polish multiracial youth, I volunteered for the Eastside Community Development Corporation Facebook Page. I wrote about neighborhood events, gentrification, prejudice against multiracials, reverse discrimination, classism, and adult bullying. I started the hashtags #EastsideIsForEveryone and #BeGoodNeighbors on the ECDC Facebook Page. I was homeschooled in downtown Charleston and I’m currently a European History and Political Science double major at a private non-profit four-year university. I want to be a lawyer and also a politician. 

Because I’m a Polish multiracial artist and musician, I started The Eastside Charleston Art & Culture Institute (TECACI) as my student/youth community development project to bring an art gallery, art walk, art, music, theatre and film festival, bookstore, history museum, wellness center, vegetarian cafe, supplementary school for kids, and #GlobalDiversity to the Eastside. Thus, my Letter to the Editor is titled “Eastside Global Diversity”.


Mateusz Wojnarowicz, 14 lat 

Founder and Owner, TECACI

The Eastside Charleston Art and Culture Institute 

My Student/Youth Community Development Project

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