North Charleston POPS! Is Poppin!

Scholarship program participants

The North Charleston POPS! is an organization that is having an impact in the region. Besides providing high quality entertainment at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, the POPS! hosts an after-school music education program for any child in the North Charleston area that wishes to either sing or play an instrument, but cannot afford to do so.

Melinda Doolittle

Entitled the POPS!KidZ, the mission is to reach out to children to give them access to participate in music. “The POPS! provides instruments, and if the child shows promise and passion, we also additionally provide music lessons,” explains Tacy Edwards, the Executive Director of the POPS! “We know that music engagement has far-reaching effects on brain development, which also improves academic scores. Music also provides a release valve for children to express or defuse emotional challenges that occur in their young lives and an after-school positive activity interacting with great role models. But, we know a lot of children cannot afford to buy or rent an instrument nor to take music lessons. It is a lost opportunity during important developmental years of their lives.”

Only in its third year, the POPS! KidZ program is initially focusing on a youth string orchestra and a chorus, but will eventually expand into the band instrument arena. The yearly fee to join the program is $25. Scholarships are available.

KidZ Scholarship Participants

The POPS! opening night concert features singer Melinda Dolittle singing Great American Soul music. For more information about concert tickets (which start at $19) or the POPS!KidZ program, visit or email [email protected]

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