Backdoor Toms are like cockroaches

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

The closer we get to the mayoral election in North Charleston, the more I am reminded of an article I wrote on “cockroaches”. Yes, sir! There are two things that really get under my skin—cockroaches and Uncle Toms. In a way, there isn’t too much difference between the two. I don’t know how y’all feel about cockroaches, but to me they are nasty, invasive and darn right disgusting. And, oftentimes they enter your home through the backdoor with their nastiness. However, disgusting, I am sure they serve a purpose here on earth. Why else would the good Lord make them? And, as far as Uncle Toms go, they are also nasty, invasive and darn right disgusting. They will backdoor their own people for selfish gains.

Cockroaches are shrewd just like Uncle Toms. You hit them and just when you think you have killed them and return to gather them up, they are gone. That’s the same way with Uncle Toms. When confronted, they act like they don’t know what you are talking about. They play dead on you; but, the minute you turn your back, they sneak in through the opponent’s backdoor, spill their guts and collect a few dollars or a position.

It doesn’t matter how much you exterminate or how tight your home may be, cockroaches will find a way in. And, the same applies to “Uncle Toms”. They are invasive and will find their way into the back door of sitting politicians to carry the news; news they think will be beneficial to a politician’s re-election chances. The sad part is all they receive are crumbs for their portrayal.

Last Saturday at 10:00 AM, mayoral candidates for North Charleston, Ashley Peele, Thomas Dixon, John Singletary, Floyd Dotter and current Mayor Keith Summey debated the issues at City Hall. Who ‘da heck gets up and ready for a debate at 10:00 AM in the morning? After working all week, most folks like to sleep in a little late on Saturday. Was the timing on purpose to avoid a big turn-out? I know y’all didn’t ask me; I’se just saying. North Charleston is an up-and-coming city. It’s going to be a city to be reckoned with. It’s going to take new blood to keep up with the growth. In any position, from the pulpit to politics, you need to know when to fold. Some of y’all think when you are elected, it’s permanent. It’s no different than a pew seat; just because you sit there every Sunday, doesn’t mean it yours!!

Some major issues plaguing North Charleston are the high crime rate, homelessness, unemployment, affordable housing, absence of supermarkets and displaced residents/homes due to road expansions. While these issues are not solely a North Charleston problem, they are a source of contention in black communities. Why do roads, rails, and industrial plants designed primarily to impact black communities? Engineers can draw their butts off around predominantly white communities but don’t have a problem running roadways dead smack through black communities. Black folk, y’all need to wake up and smell the tar and emissions that cause cancer and contribute to health issues. Find out about community impact funds. Why continue to vote for the same folks who throw you under the bus, run over you, back up and run over you again? I would think if you are still alive at that point, you would be mad as hell.

Stay tuned for future debates prior to the November election. Attend the debates to find out what the next mayor plans to do for you. And, let’s not be fooled by the okey-doke. Politicians like to play you the closer it gets to elections. I know y’all heard Mayor Summey is pledging one million dollars to building the African American museum. Sounds good, right? Well, now, all I have to say is don’t get played by the player. It is taxpayers’ money that should be spent in the black community. Beware! The Mayor is throwing out a bone; so, it looks like he is doing something good for the black community. I am willing to bet that there is more to the million dollars investment than meets the eyes.

Stay tuned! And, y’all Cockroach Uncle Toms, think twice about sneaking in through the backdoor. Once you receive something, anything, you are done, finished.

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