Enough Pie’s Annual Awakening 8: Weave The People Illuminates The Darkness Of Social Fragmentation

For the 8th annual Awakening, Enough Pie will host a yearlong series of creative, community interventions to build stronger connections between neighborhoods in the Upper Peninsula, helping repair bonds broken by major roadways and rapid development. AWAKENING 8: WEAVE THE PEOPLE kicks off on Sunday, September 8th, with the first event – the highly anticipated return of the Community Indigo Vat Shack starting Saturday, September 14th.

Inspired by a column in The New York Times entitled, “The social renaissance is happening from the ground up,” WEAVE: The Social Fabric Project (Aspen Institute) helps identify individuals and groups nationwide who are healing social isolation and fragmentation. They are called Weavers, and are known to ‘put relationship over self’. Enough Pie’s Deputy Director Shanequa Singletary notes, “Weave The People spotlights social fragmentation throughout the Upper Peninsula. One of our goals is to provide creative ways to increase community trust and engagement through cooperative acts that are rooted in respect, dignity, and social integrity.”

There are currently 6 public art and events scheduled. The ‘back by popular demand’ Community Indigo Vat Shack will be hosted in the back parking lot of Redux Contemporary Art Center with community dye days every other Saturday starting Sept 14 (Sept 28, Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 9, and Nov 23). An Underpass Mural Garden will be a pathway surrounded by vibrant murals on 34 columns for bikers, walkers, and community members, and will create a mural corridor that extends down a main artery of Charleston to weave the segmented east and west sides of our community with visual and physical outdoor activities. A call for mural artists will be announced soon and local artists of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. As requested by neighbors, several of the inactive basketball courts that lie under Interstate 26 will be reactivated to allow for shaded games and community gathering. Bowls & Bingo will provide social activity and lunch for senior neighbors to gather at the Book Nook throughout the fall. Tales From the Manor, an Ohm Radio show hosted by EP, with residents from the Joseph Floyd Manor (JFM), will resume for Season 2. This audible collection of stories and song chronicles the bygone eras of old Charleston through the memories of JFM residents. This year these stories will be transformed from radio waves into words as this series has been picked up for a book deal. And in October, EP will partner with HEART, a non-profit that provides visual arts, music, and performing arts mentorship and community engagement for adults with special needs who want to grow and develop as artists, and Dart Library for pocket poetry featuring Marcus Amaker and FREE VERSE. More projects and events will be scheduled throughout the upcoming weeks and will be announced on the Enough Pie website.

Along with a call for artists, Enough Pie is also accepting nominations for Community Weavers. These are individuals who embody the spirit of relationship over self, constantly seeking inclusive ways to connect and help weave our community where social fragmentation has created a divide. Selected Weavers will be highlighted and honored through the year.

Awakening 8: Weave The People steering committee members include: Brooks Sign Center, John L. Dart Library, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, Joseph Floyd Manor, HEART, Bridgeview Village, City of Charleston Department of Business & Neighborhood Services, North Central Neighborhood Association, ACLU, artists & individuals.

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