What’s (Really) Going On?

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It’s almost the end of the summer season and the world is going through all kinds of perturbing chaotic and anarchist directions. And in the good old USA, from the monotonous and truly tedious “poly-tricks” of boring candidates running for elective offices to openly racist cries of bigoted nationalism gone amuck, we witness that our country is in a state of flux.

The recent tragedies of gun violence that have fallen upon our nation’s and so many of the world-at-large’s home fronts have made me stop and realize that we have some serious dilemmas facing us. In many other sectors of the “hue-manistic” universe, and including our own nation, mounting hatreds and biases galore are cosmetically prevalent and are everywhere to be found.

As a result of thinking deeply about these perplexing cancerous viruses to our national unity, peace and harmony, I’ve come to know now that there are many different sides to living in the 21st century, especially in the quasi-apartheid America of today. If you’re of color, you probably do not need a semantic breakdown of what I just said.

Being a brother of color, who was born in Black Harlem more than seventy-years-ago, I need no firsthand introduction to American racism and discrimination. If you’re not living in my, or other people of color’s shoes, then sit back and read on in order to be able to, hopefully, digest what is making some people of color feel left out of sharing the so-called American Dream.

Many opinionated, general pundits of discourse say that “America is what it is,” and it’s also a continuously complicated environment in which we all live in. The America of five-years-ago is not the America of today in so many political and impactful ways, but, unfortunately, some ominous, menacing things remain the same.

One of those disquieting things is hidden racism, a fossilized iconic reality that the colonial-minded privileged and the new world orders of the global elite would rather you not discuss on an open mike. Many real world kinfolk know this to be true, even though the camouflage of being politically correct supersedes the old world hypocrisy of what truly lies behind unspoken thoughts or written words.

Today’s American rural, urban and suburban environs are in calamity modes and are becoming more so by each advancing day in more invisible ways that it can count. From Baltimore to El Paso and beyond, the world is asking, “What’s (Really) Going On?” because, seemingly, there’s no place really left untouched with unexpected violence and very shocking events.

Knowing this makes you wonder what locale is going to be next on the news with another situation gone berserk. From one horrible scenario to the next, Americans and the rest of the world have to face the actualities of knowing that their countries are beset with monumental civil unrests and lingering social problems that need to be discussed and remedied immediately.

One of the most important issues at the forefront of these issues is the topic of the racial divide existing in every nook and cranny of societies everywhere. It’s there smacking all of us  in our faces every single moment of our lives whether we want to admit it or not, and the bald eagle’s bigoted America is at the racial apex of it all and everyone is affected.

As a proud Afro-American brother of color, I have to admit that aware Americans from Oregon to Florida, and all points in between, sincerely know that we have more than just a few  serious problems that will not go away by just marching or listening to a political promises that never will be fulfilled. So, I ask once more, “What’s (Really) Going On?”

I believe that, “his-storically” speaking, there’s a lot of racial hatreds, religious misunderstandings and vey questionable patriotic suspicions going on around in the bald eagle’s cross- country domains whether you want to accept it or not. It’s in the airwaves. Again, “What’s (Really) Going On?”

From every arena of this potentially great nation, no matter where our citizenry reside or call home, “The American People,” whoever they are, are having to come to grips with the indisputable fact that America is truly divided along racial boundaries, especially between Black and White Americans and the selective, elite few have and the overwhelming and staggering have nots. And you may wonder why so many awaken folk are pondering ”What’s (Really) Going On?”

I sense that some heedless folk may not want to entertain that inquisitive questioning, but how can you deny or  think about it when you look at and listen to all of the news, social media comments, “tell- lie-vision” reports, etc., all proclaiming that our nation is divided along racial and other boundaries that no one will, can or secretly deny. It hurts me to have to say this, but it’s painfully accurate to ask—“What’s (Really) Going On?”

In my view, it’s wake up time, and after all that has happened recently, and is still happening in our ever-growing, diverse and segregated country, you’d think that all sane minded ethnic Americans would know that something is politically, morally and systematically wrong in their country.  Even these thoughtless folks can’t hide without asking, “What’s (Really) Going On?” before it gets any worse in the nation.

Listen, the obvious fact that racial divisions and religious hatreds that are seething throughout America and the rest of the world in all classes and ethnicities lets me know that something has to be done to “fix” the institutional structure of the USA’s “his-storically” covert policies and practices. Time is running out for tired political clichés and the like, so please don’t ask me why I’m writing this article. “Enough is enough!”

I refer to myself as an intelligent thinker, but can’t you, too, see that systemwide racism has permeated America’s political, educational, housing and economic systems for far too long. Sadly, doesn’t anyone hear, or care, about the voices of the oppressed as they struggle silently for equality and justice. Who really cares? Do you?

Too many American lives, minds and souls are being lost, mindless tragedy after idiotic tragedy, to stubborn self-denials, political apologetics, economic shenanigans and religious smoke screens. Sadly, doesn’t anyone hear the voices of the oppressed as they struggle to be heard. Who really cares? Do you?

 Sometimes, I don’t think anybody does until it’s too late. And, maybe, that’s why so many of today’s frustrated youth engage in Hip-Hop protests to say to one and all that they don’t want to be a part of the racist shackles of overt discrimination that confines them to a permanent second class type of existences. “What’s (Really) Going On?”

Discriminations of all types have to be eradicated. It’s time to wake up America and let’s get this nation back on a rightful track where we all can experience what the ballyhooed Constitution proclaims to be in actuality for all, and not for “some,”regardless of religion, creed or color.

When that’s done, then there’ll be no realistic need for all of “The American People” to ever, ever ask, to the negative, “What’s (Really) Going On?” I hope that I live long enough to see that actuality become a reality, and for today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”




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  1. Kirk Kaufmann on November 8, 2019 at 12:57 am

    Local from east cooper. You hit the nail on the head precisely over and over again in this writing. Keep up the good work! Our community is sore from all of the hateful rhetoric swirling around. We need to come together as one. I hope it comforts you to know that there are people here that genuinely care.

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