Charleston’s first “wreck room” to open in West Ashley September 3

It’s all the Rage! Stressed, Frustrated, or Annoyed at your ex, neighbor, boss or traffic, and need to ‘let it all out’? Slated to open on September 3 in the West Ashley, The Break Room Charleston will be the area’s first location to release frustration, combat stress and reduce anxiety in an entertaining, safe and FUN way. 

The Break Room Charleston participants gear up to demolish and smash fun items such as living rooms, kitchens, and offices – virtually any room you imagine and ever wanted to destroy – using baseball bats, golf clubs, crow bars, sledge hammers, and more as the ‘weapons’ of choice. There even is a Bring Your Own Box option to personalize the session. [Photos of exes absolutely allowed!]

‘Other than it being a great time and awesome way to get in some cardio, The Break Room can be thought of as ‘hands on’ anger therapy, but the fun kind! There’s something magical and freeing about intentionally breaking things that don’t belong to you and knowing you can’t get in trouble, not to mention not having to clean up afterward!, says Cole Wadsten, the vision behind The Break Room Charleston.  ‘The inspiration to open my own ‘wreck room’ came from the realization that we all need a healthy and safe outlet to let it all out. It also is an incredibly amusing and fun experience for everyone that I wanted to share with the Charleston community.’

Smashing sessions are booked in fifteen- and thirty-minute increments, solo or with a friend. Safety gear is included in the fees, and videotaping is allowed. Group sessions, team events, and fundraiser opportunities are possible, and hourly rates are available for music videos, commercials or movies.

Location: 1947 Belgrade Avenue, Charleston, SC 29407

Days & Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Thursday:            2:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Friday thru Sunday:                  12:00 pm until 9:00 pm


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