Homicides Stats Double Since April In Charleston/North Charleston-Not An Uptick Say Officials

By Barney Blakeney

In April there had been three homicides in the City of Charleston and six in North Charleston. Since April those numbers have doubled in Charleston and almost tripled in North Charleston.

As of August 13 there have been six homicides in Charleston and 17 in North Charleston. Three homicides have been committed in the two cities in the past week – two in North Charleston and one in Charleston. Charleston County Sheriff Office has had five homicides committed in its jurisdiction to date this year.

Charleston police August 12 made an arrest in the August 8 shooting death of a Hanover Street man, the second shooting death victim in as many months as Eastside Charleston residents held a second gathering to address violent crime in that community.

City spokesman Jack O’Toole said, ““As a person of faith, Mayor John Tecklenburg believes every human life is sacred. That’s why, as mayor, he’s spoken out in the aftermath of tragic homicides here in the city, like those of Talekuz Williams and Juquel Young last July and Timothy Haman last week. And it’s also why he continues to work every day with our citizens and police to keep all our neighborhoods safe.”

O’Toole resisted that the two Eastside homicides represent an uptick in violent crime this year citing homicide statistics over the past 10 years – 2010: 10; 2011: 11; 2012: 12; 2013: 7; 2014: 8; 2015: 16; 2016: 11; 2017: 6; and in 2018: 10.


  1. Tony Levine on September 4, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    I’m going to guess that the victims of the six homicides in Charleston and the 17 in N. Charleston are all young, black males?? Here in DC, as of Sep 4th, there have been 116 homicides, and I know that at least 95% of that total or more is young, black males. Every morning while I’m getting dressed for work, there is a story of an overnight shooting on the news, and it’s another young, black male killed.

    I grew up in Charleston (George Legare/Ben Tillman, then Liberty Hill, then W. Ashley) and lived in Chicora Cherokee while stationed in the Air Force there in the early 2000s (bought my grandparents house to keep in the family). The majority of people that live in these depressed communities are good, hard-working people, but it’s the few criminals in these communities that give it a bad reputation. The strong black men in these communities have to drive these menaces out of the communities, or they will destroy it! Bring back CPAD (Citizens Patrol Against Drugs). However, sadly to say, it looks like gentrification will be the thing that drives the crime out of the East Side, but it will also displace the African American community. Have we lost a generation of young, black males??

    • Tracy Linton on June 16, 2020 at 10:01 pm

      Actually the murder on August 8th was by a black kid. And it was a male in his early 40’s that he killed. I only know this because it was my brother he killed.

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