Life’s Realities, Certainties and Destinies

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It’s been said throughout the ages that time waits for no one which is an absolute, indisputable reality. And as sure as the sun does shine and night falls, we all will be tested in the living experience with one thing or the other.

These are the definitive destinies of the twin spectrum of being a spiritually motivated “hue-man” who knows what the purpose of life is all about. It’s an uncompromising actuality that I believe that some created “hue-mans” of all ethnicities, nationalities and religions tend to overlook and dismiss.

My rap today is only about sharing what’s presently inside my mind and soul about the uniqueness of existing and being in the here and now by the Creator Alone’s permission. As you read on, please know that I’m not here to preach or proselytize to you or anyone else who doesn’t believe in the Creator Alone of everyone and everything.

Your thoughts are your own, but when I say the Creator Alone I mean exactly that. I only believe in and worship, cherish and give homage to God Alone because I don’t associate anything or anyone with the Most High Alone. In my view, nothing deserves to be given reverence except God Alone.

In this very private, alone to myself  period in time, I’m reminiscing about how indescribable and awe-inspiring the Creator Alone really is and how He (Alone) has brought me though so many trials in my life. I feel humbly obliged to testify in being able to openly declare that I’m a committed believer and worshipper in the Most High Alone and not in any man, woman or object.

“As I See it,” there’s nothing in existence that, or who, can compare to the Creator Alone. If you’re a believer in God Alone’s singular uniqueness, no matter what you label yourself, you assuredly don’t need me to tell you about the phenomenal of the Most High Alone’s attributes and distinctiveness.

I sense that you most certainly feel that spiritual perception too because you realized that you’ve come to that indubitable recognition, knowing what God Alone has done for you in your life up to this point. I’m also sure that, after surviving the sorted tribulations that you faced previously in your life thus far by the help of the Lord Alone of creation, you know where I’m coming from.

No intelligent soul would deny that  the living experience does and will most certainly test a struggling created being, especially, one who knows that the next second is not promised to him or her. I need not offer any more clear proof to you on that issue than by saying to you to just literally and very carefully scrutinize all of the present unsettling and disturbing happenings going on in the world-at large around us.

That’s what I’m internalizing at this poignant spiritual moment in my writing mode as I feel the mercy of God Alone being extended to me for another second, realizing that this occasion is a sacred pre-destined gift from the Most High Alone to be at peace within myself. I also feel challenged to be at peace with others in whatever future moments the Creator Alone gifts me.

In some quirky manner of understanding what the purpose of life is, how can I, or anyone else, fully comprehend that without first acknowledging who the Creator Alone of everyone and everything thing is? Many one track minded folk in global “hue-manity,” who are caught up in the life of this materialistic world, may not really want to deal with that, but even they should certainly realize that they can’t take any materialistic things with them when they die, only their deeds and actions count.

And since I’m talking about the destiny of death, I do sense that certain  segmented groups of negligent spiritual skepticism don’t realize that death’s destiny may and will include them at any given second or moment in time. That’s a shame because each and every moment in time to every created being could be his or her last stance in this phase of existence.

Thinking about the Creator Alone’s magnificence and power lets me know that life and death are nothing to take for granted as many unheeding, mindless souls unfortunately do. I don’t, and I sincerely hope, as you are reading what I’m saying today, it makes you really think about the fragility of each instance that’s being extended to you, your family and to all of the others who you hold near and dear.

So, savor each valuable moment in the here and now because you’ll never know when it will disappear from you or someone else who’s close to you. And never assume that tomorrow, or whenever, will be an a given or a guarantee because, in reality, it is not, and only God Alone knows when death will coming knocking at all of our doorsteps.

The living experience is not a complicated metaphor. “It is what it is,” and it should be a reality check for every living created “hue-man” to give thanks to the Creator Alone for being alive in the here and now. Sadly, that’s sometimes forgotten by many folk who live in illusional worlds, never discerning the fact that this universe and all of creation is under God Alone’s control.

Being upfront with you, there were pronounced periods in my earlier life where I didn’t fully comprehend that. But “all praises are due to the Most High Alone” because I get it now, and I trust that you do also.

I’ll politely utter once more that life and death are not games of chance. They are strategic elements of the living encounter. Live life to the fullest and literally be happy while you can, which is right now, understanding that tomorrow  is not promised to you.

There’s an ancient African proverb which mentioned that “no matter how beautiful and well crafted a coffin might look, it will not make anyone wish for death.” I don’t how you interpret that statement, but you should know that “life is the beginning of death,” a factor many ethnic folk, young and old, rich and poor, tend to ignore and play with.

Again, no matter what your professed or expressed religion may be, or even if you proclaim that you don’t have or proscribed to one, don’t wish for death, but be assured it’s waiting unannounced for all of us. So, be thankful to the Creator Alone for this cherished and sacred moment that you have. Enjoy it while you’re able to because the next one is not guaranteed.

And try to earnestly live in peace and wish for all fellow “hue-mans” in creation what you desire for yourself, your  family and other loved ones. Enjoy the sacredness of each moment that comes your way. Never take “Life’s Realities, Certainties and Destinies” for granted. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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  1. Blessings to your hands Hakim Ali.You put some good deeds in to your cofin’s pocket to take with you by writing this so awakes us and get ready for meeting with our Creator. on August 8, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    Blessings to your hands Hakim Ali.
    You put some good deeds in to your cofin’s pocket to take with you by writing this so awakes us and get ready and prepare.

    Recep Dinli

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