95% of teachers at Sanders-Clyde Elementary to take world renowned Racial Equity Institute Training to eliminate racism in and out of the classroom

On August 5-6 2019, 35 classroom teachers and staff members from Sanders-Clyde Elementary will gather at the College of Charleston North Campus to develop a historical, cultural, structural and institutional understanding of racism and inequality in South Carolina, our education system and in America.

Charleston Hope is sponsoring every teacher to attend the training, a cost of nearly $12,000. Executive Director Emily Kerr says that after taking the training herself and with other Charleston County School District leaders, she knew Charleston Hope needed to shift their resources and make this training possible for teachers. While the school district is working hard to send leadership and teachers to the training, only a few per school are able to participate at a time. Emily Kerr says, “Without the majority of a group of people receiving the same information and creating a common understanding and language, change is hard. After talking with Principal Malone, principal of Sanders-Clyde, we knew we need to send more than just 10% of the teachers to see a shift so we set a goal to send 90% of the teachers and we are thrilled with the help of community members and businesses to make this happen.”

Charleston Hope will offer monthly follow ups for teachers participating in the training to continue the conversation on racism, educational equity, and how to actively address inequities in our schools and communities.

Charleston Hope has raised half of the total cost to send 35 teachers to the training and provide monthly follow ups. They will continue to raise the remaining $6,000 throughout the year.

The YWCA Greater Charleston brought this training to Charleston in January 2017. The Racial Equity Institute is designed to help leaders, individuals, and organizations understand and address institutional racism.

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