A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today’s living experiences for many uptight folk could loosely and best be very described as frantic, hectic and very engagingly chaotic. To most of those inclusive “hue-mans,” who are probably caught up in this seemingly never ending hustle bustle type of existence, I probably haven’t said anything that is new, shocking or profound to or about them.

While on that theme, I’ve given some thought about the headlong pace in which some of these folks operate in their frenzied lives and manners of existing. In retrospect, I draw upon my own inner vibrations for what I’m going to say going forward based upon a conversation I had with a casual buddy acquaintance of mine who I saw last Sunday.

I hadn’t seen this middle-aged soul for quite sometime and, upon seeing me, he immediately began to tell me about how unhappy he was with his present life-in-general. It seems as though he was too busy making ends meet until he never seemed to have anytime for himself to do the things he’d (really) like to do.

As I listened to my buddy’s rather impromptu rap, one that I’ve heard from so many other depressed and stressed out folk who I’ve come in contact with before, I wondered why my buddy and so many others like him never seem to do the things that please or bring them inward joys. That sad dilemma is where I’ll direct my “As I See It” vibes for today.

My buddy’s apparent trepidation really spurred me to share some things that I’ve learned about desiring to do what you want, hope or wish to accomplish in your mind’s eye but never seem to get started or fulfill them. I told him that being uninformed without a stick to it plan of action will more than likely lead him, me and anyone else in existence in never, ever knowing the value of experiencing or sharing “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter.”

Needless to say, my old buddy wanted me to explain “AISI” exactly what I meant by that statement to him. My buddy knew that I often reference many things in spiritual realities, so I then began to tell him that I’ve found out that life in this phase of the living process is too short an encounter to deal with by not taking charge of one’s present life and future destiny.

I went on to say that I firmly believe that a lot of confused folk get things twisted many times by not stepping back into their own private space times to just enjoy the things that they’d like to because of self- procrastination. When that happens, from my own experience and distinct vantage point, taking or experiencing “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter” becomes a difficult reality for the recalcitrant among us.

Many folk who are merely existing in today’s collective worlds of unpredictable predictable scenarios don’t really understand the value of setting a little me alone time for themselves in order for them to just focus on what’s really important to them spiritually, physically and mentally speaking. That’s why experiencing  “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter,” as a desired realm, may seem odd and totally  unmanageable to some folk.

In order to be at one’s optimum peak of awareness and heightened sense of mental clarity, I believe that we all need to be energized with a positive mindset, possessing a spiritual freshness that’s needed in being able to face each new day. Again, that’s where taking a little useful self-disciplined private time out for one’s self is key to being mentally alert and physically fresh as we go about handling our respective daily tasks and obligations, whatever they may be.

There’s nothing like a planned time of the day to activate and engage in “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter” where you enter into your own specialized and private zone(s) of chill time that should only be meant for you to refocus your mind, body and soul for the betterment of you. You know, unfortunately, some folk in “hue-manity” don’t comprehend that now, and they will (probably) leave the earth never fulfilling their real (hoped for) destinies.

Neglecting one’s goals and full positive potential in life is a hamartia of the highest because that soul never seized, or at least realized,  his or her desired opportunities until it was too late. That’s a real bitter pill to swallow when death is moments away.

I had to say that rather blunt assessment to my buddy, who told me straight out, “You’re right, my brother. But what do I do to get out of this personally distressing and uptight mess I’m in?” That request made me think for a few moments before I suggested the following, which may suit you also, if you’re facing the same predicament that my buddy was.

My first suggestion, and not advice, to my friend was that he had to develop a game plan to take necessary time to himself and “stick” to it. I mentioned that most folk are undisciplined talkers and very few are action-committed folk, a fact that he said he definitely agreed with me on.

Secondly, I said that this encounter game plan must done as a silent contract between him and God Alone, because nothing comes about except by the permission of the Creator Alone. I revealed to him that there’s no need for him to tell anyone what he’s doing, “just do it.”

Thirdly, I reiterated that this personal game plan of initiating “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter” may be a little difficult to fully implement at first because he’s been programming his previous mental thoughts with many negative rationalizations and excuses in the past until he may want to quit. I reminded him that he mustn’t “camp” out, or become a “quitter,” in his quest for renewed self-revitalization, instead he must be a “climber,” forever never quitting on himself or his expressed positive intents and desires.

I’m a sticker about what I just said, and I also believe very much in the theory that “there’s much greatness in silence and that within that silence lies the comprehension of understanding  the real aesthetic quality of patience.” Of course, I shared that reality with my buddy, and I told him that I’m not afraid to go and do things by myself, which is a part of me connecting as I do with the actuality of always putting the Most High Alone first and foremost in every aspect of my life.

Finally, I suggested to my old buddy that “life is what it is” and, if he truly wants to take charge of what few precious moments he has left in this life, it would behoove him to happily experience and to regularly take “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter” every occasion he gets. This is crucial, and I poignantly said that I believed that if he did do this, I genuinely think he’d lovingly embrace it because tomorrow isn’t promised to me, him or anyone else in “hue-manity.”

I hope that my buddy does because no one knows when death will come to his or her doorsteps, and that applies to you and me also. Please never, ever forget how fragile each moment in life really, really is. I don’t. Do you?

So,in closing, in this current omnipresent moment, I suggest that you  please be at peace with yourself, nature and others.There’s far too much hatreds, hostilities and envies existing in the world. Respectfully, I offer for you step away from all of that and peacefully embrace “A Quiet Moment to Myself Encounter.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”



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