Robo Calls: Robos, Hobos

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

Robo callers are about to be hobos if left up to the FCC. It may be impossible to control but at least they are taking steps to bring these calls under control. How many times have you jumped out of the shower thinking it could be your child in distress only to find a robo caller on the other end It is about time that the FCC took steps to stop robo callers from infringing upon my basic right to privacy in my own home, particularly after 8:00 PM. Those darn telemarketers don’t care when they call. I had one to call my house at 8:50 PM at night and when I asked him if he knew what time it was, he responded, “Oh, I am allowed to call up until 9:00 PM.” He must think he pays my mortgage. Boy, it’s a good thing that I got a little religion. What makes him think he can call my house at such odd hours of the night regardless of what he had been told? It was then that I realized robo callers were out of control. They have at least five or six phones and if you hang up, they simply call on another phone. It is so inconvenient and time consuming, particularly if you are a businessperson like me. You never know if it’s another business opportunity, so you simply answer the phone.

On Friday I received a call from one of those pesky telemarketers asking for a donation for the handicapped. I know y’all saying, you mean to tell me she didn’t give to the handicapped. I gave to this organization in the past before checking for its authenticity. Last year the caller got an attitude and hung up when I said I had designated other organizations this year. Something in the telemarketer’s tone of voice led me to believe that the organization may be bogus. I red flagged the caller’s voice in the event that he called again in the name of the handicapped. Well, as luck would have it, the same caller called on Friday seeking donations for light bulbs. He picked the wrong day. First, Friday is not a good day to mess with me. I have designated Fridays as my day—girl’s day out. Even my husband doesn’t bother me on Fridays. Friday is the only day I get to do what I want. I get to eat my favorite dish of fish and red rice, shop or just kick back in the spa. The caller began talking immediately. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. He said he wasn’t calling for money, but could I sponsor a handicapped person. I pride myself as being generous to charities but, I recognized this caller to be the same one hung up on me he saw I wasn’t caving in. It was something about his tone of voice that I vowed to remember. I knew if he called again, I was going to delight in telling him I was not going to give because of his attitude and his questionable charity. It is my choice to give or not give. Evidently, that wasn’t good enough. He called again on a different number and commenced to chew me out. He said I was a loser along with some other choice words. My response was “click”. This has got to be some jerk. How dare he call my house again? His conduct should be viewed as harassment.

If you are tired of waking up and going to sleep with aggravating robo calls, be sure to follow FCC’s efforts to slow their roll. I trust that the FCC’s plan would have more teeth than the old Act of 1991. In addition to the calls, we are also getting tons of spam text messages. Do robo callers get paid by the calls or by the hour? Just asking!! If they get paid by the calls, they should be rich.

In the future, when my phone rings it will be someone that I gave my number and not someone who bought my number. My privacy should not be compromised; and, it is not for sale. I should be able to come home, prepare dinner and eat without the phone ringing off the hook with robo callers asking that I not hang up while trying to get me to reduce my auto insurance, change my cell phone provider, qualify for mortgage refinancing, get another credit card, dental implants, hearing aid, a new body, well maybe I can use one of those but at my age I sure as heck don’t need no body sculpturing products. What’s gone is gone and will not be ever again. Will things ever settled down where I can hold a conversation with family and friends without running around the house looking for my phone only to find a robo caller on the other end.

How many of y’all signed up to be placed on the “do not call” register? Well, that didn’t work too good for me. I am sure those robo pests bought the “do not call” lists. I don’t know about y’all but I am looking forward to the day when robos becomes hobos. Click, hit the button Jack, and don’t y’all call me no more no more! Click, hit the button Jack ‘cause y’all robos are about to become hobos.


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