The East Cooper Civic Club 2019 Gullah Geechee Empowerment Seminar

Barbara Collier

The East Cooper Civic Club presents its 2019 Gullah Geechee Empowerment Seminar featuring important information for local Gullah Geechee citizens. Topics include Gullah Geechee Culture, Health Disparities among Gullah Geechee people, and Land Preservation. The event will be held July 13 in the Cooper River Room at Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park from 10AM to 3PM. The 15th Annual Sweetgrass Festival takes place at the same time outside at Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park.

ECCC always encourages younger citizens to familiarize themselves with issues that directly impact their futures. The Civic Club sees its 30 to 40-year old citizens as “bridges” to the many successes that can and do exist in Gullah Geechee communities. This series and other planned networking options are being made available to recreate actions that can boost community success.

Their March 2019 Workshop provided an “in depth” opportunity to study the website to learn about “digitally available” real property “essential information”. In-depth reviews of property transfer and real property tax information was available. Many young people attended and left with new discoveries related directly to their family’s holdings.

ECCC will be listening to this seminar’s attendees as they build a selection of offerings for upcoming programs. Civics is the study of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. America is in the middle of a civics lesson. ECCC welcomes those days when Gullah Geechee citizens can study “CIVICS” together.

College students currently being educated in the medical fields will talk about how to increase the likelihood of having more medical professionals from the neighborhood! Here’s a chance to learn of new ways to lower those tuition costs. ECCC will look at current medical research and ask, “Can we talk about clinical trials yet? Should we? How does it work? What about trust?” Recent cures are often costly. “What do you do when needed medicines are impossibly expensive? Who do you call?”

Education is important to Gullah Geechee citizens. Discipline in schools is a hot topic in our state and in our counties. Is there anything that we can do? Let’s talk about it. Let’s gather the knowledge and courage to “… change what we can…”! Gullah Geechee culture is a “Land Based” culture! All too often, Gullah Geechee residents are “Land-rich and cash poor” – often a recipe for internal and external shenanigans, frustration, misery and misunderstanding! A local organization is exploring several new approaches to Land Preservation.

Some of their methods are being tried elsewhere in the country. “Can expanding our horizons produce win-win outcomes? Do you know what a win-win outcome would look like to you? Would you share that vision?” Attorney Willie B. Heyward, JD, from The Heirs Property Law Center returns to speak about varied aspects of Land Ownership and Transfer (Heirs Property, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Tax: Assessment Appeals and Sales, Gentrification, Family Mediation, Intergenerational Appreciation, Intra-Family Communication, etc.). Presentations and fellowship prepared for Gullah Geechee citizens, families, friends.

No charge! All are welcome!

Mek ‘oohnah no com fa a siddown wid we!

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