Understanding the Necessity of Having Faith

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Being a true believer in the existence of the Most High Alone sometimes makes me have to momentarily step back and look at life’s happenings that are occurring around me with a trusting spiritual mindset. I know that even though I believe in God Alone as I do there are many other unbelieving folk in “hue-manity” who may feel otherwise.

To that reality, I respectfully offer, “Such is life,” but for me there’s nothing or no one who can compare to the Creator Alone of existence, time and space. As I continue on, I’d like you to know that it hasn’t always been that way for me because back in my days of spiritual ignorances and denials, I never really felt the need to seriously consider the actuality that recognizing having faith in the Most High Alone was so necessary and important in my life.

Setting the timeline for you, it’s been more than fifty-years-ago when I began to study the very nature of all created existence, and I knew then that I had to cultivate supreme faith in the Creator Alone of everyone and everything. I found out that this, for me, was a no brainer, especially, when I thought about life and how it came about for me and for all created spiritually aware “hue-man” beings and other natural creations.

So, I must tell you point blank that I only believe in God Alone and nothing else. No man or animal worship here, rather my faith in the Creator Alone surrounds that simplistic, solitary monotheistic spiritual aura with an uncompromising and compelling allegiance to the Most High Alone in and under all circumstances.

That’s where my faith is and, with that being said, I’m going to shed a little light on something for you and others today about the necessity of possessing faith in no matter what kind of perplexing arenas you may be placed in. And those varying degrees of perplexities in life includes all of the majestic highs and the painstaking lows of everyday situation we face and may find ourselves in.

Having faith in God Alone is really a blessed, fundamental spiritual aptitude in establishing and handling how we react, or overact, to our diurnal tests and experiences. Understanding this is a necessity in being victorious in life when facing great challenges as we all have to and do in the living process.

I feel compelled to add that after having and affirming one’s verifiable faith in God Alone, one must have faith in himself or herself on a very personal individualistic level. That’s an integral ingredient in practicing belief in one’s innate abilities to do any positive activity in life.

Life is most certainly a test, and I don’t think that you really need me to inform you of that pristine reality. Recognizing this taught me to learn a long time that faith is the conscious spiritual ability to believe that you’ve won before you have started any difficult or perplexing activity in the living experience.

“Understanding the Necessity of Having Faith” in the Creator Alone is a spiritual subject matter we all in this country and beyond need to get grip on. Possessing this spiritually faithful mental consciousness would be obliging in helping us beat all of the obstacles, hurdles, enemies and other combatant plans of those who openly (and secretly) oppose us, or wish to harm us, before they become manifest in life’s battles.

“Understand the Necessity of Having Faith” in God Alone during these times is to realize that what you’re facing, in reality, isn’t anything but a test of the will, and maintaining and keeping the faith in the Most High Alone intact is to take victory in hand at the start. I believe in this holy philosophy wholeheartedly.

In trying to explain to you why I feel this way is my humble attempt to let you know that my faith in the Most High Alone is a bellwether of sort for me when times are difficult as they sometimes are in my inner and outer worlds of existences. My faith in the Creator Alone nourishes my soul in adversity and it keeps me grounded to my determined self when others have deserted me.

I’m keeping it real today because you and I both know of those who smile to your face and then, in not-so-subtle norms, will literally and verbally stab you in the back. Need I say anymore to you about this age old scenario of two-faced souls who try to play you with fake loyalties and casual acquaintances.

When this happens, it’s the time to assemble, or rebuild, your faith in God Alone by submitting to the Most High Alone’s sweet protecting realm of comfort. As I’ve come to learn, understand and know, “nothing else will do if you want to be a success in life.”

It’s proven that the only occasion where created “hue-mans” fail is when they lose heart in what they are attempting to do. Putting this more succinctly, when one loses faith in anything they’re pursuing in life, they’re more than likely to do so because they lost confidence in their purpose or missions in life thus becoming quitters pure and simple.

If you look at all the scenarios in life, e.g., from politics to sports to business, you’ll find that the triumphant achievers in those fields, for the most part, did so because they were inspired by their faith in God. Successful families also know that no viable, prayerful home structure will succeed where there’s an absence of faith in the Most High Alone and where mutual trust and respect among one another does not exist.

Life in today’s helter-skelter world is a moment-to-moment experience where you have to be determined in your faith to accomplish anything as you do constant battle with a negative this or an annoying that distraction. I don’t know if you would put it in those terms, but I most certainly do.

Nothing can or will be achieved, attained or accomplished in life without the Most High Alone’s permission or aid. I’ve personally come to that realization because without faith in God Alone how would any of us do anything we remotely dream of because “Understanding the Necessity of Having Faith” can move mountains for a true believer in God Alone.

That’s what my late, dear mother used to tell me when hard times fell before her doorsteps. She would tell me that God loved her too much because He (alone) would not place such a burden and such a hurdle on her unless he knew that she could handle same.

I’m blessed to have had a mother to teach and show me that I have to strive with faith in God Alone to overcome any tests and all trials of the living experiences which may (and have come) my way. That’s why it’s somewhat important for me to pen this piece “Understanding the Necessity of Having Faith ” and I hope you get something from reading it.

 As I close for today, remember that help is always there for you if you “Understood the Necessity of Having Faith” in the Creator Alone. Never forget that that God Alone is only a prayer away. So, smile and be faithful. May God bless you always. For today, that’s, “As I See It.”



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