Concerning The Snowden Community Sewer Issue

We, the Snowden Advocacy Group (SAG), are fully aware of and understand that county council has made the appropriate decision to postpone voting for approval of the ordinance regarding the community’s proposed public facility. We support the ordinance revisions to ensure that the unincorporated communities are not subject to overdevelopment and at increased risk for gentrification as a result of unclear policies. We promote the protection and preservation of our settlement and underrepresented community. We further engage and trust that our elected officials and council members will work swiftly and efficiently to resolve said issues.

The original ordinance resulted from members of the Snowden community raising concerns about Mount Pleasant Water Works (MPW) denying its agreement to provide them waste water services despite receiving deposits from residents over a decade ago (forcing the annexation of Snowden into the Town of Mount Pleasant to connect to waste water services). 

We would like to make the public aware that during this time period, to include present, there have been no outside organizations or ancillary leaders that have reached out to us. Neither have any organizations been designated to speak on the Snowden communities behalf. Constituents have a right to share opinions and views. However, we have not agreed to or entertained conversations with organizations mentioned in neither the May 7, 2019 Post and Courier article “Charleston County delayed Action on sweeping, controversial sewer ordinance” nor the subsequent May 9, 2019 write up in the Charleston Chronicle, “Black Land Owners Encouraged to Pay Attention to County’s Proposed Water/Sewer Ordinance.” We do not have an established relationship with either organization mentioned in the aforementioned articles and no formal discussions have been held between them and Snowden residents or SAG members in support of the issues at hand.

SAG has been advocating on behalf of Snowden to receive a basic public facility. The project was started almost 15 years ago and has yet to be completed. We only want what we have a right to have. It should also be noted that the three black members of county council are in favor of the ordinance. The first reading of the sewer ordinance was passed 7-2. The second reading has been delayed to be reworked and to give the public time to respond. SAG fully supports and understands this. We, too, want something that would benefit all. 

For more information, please contact SAG member Michael German at [email protected].

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