Seabrook: Trump Is A Dangerous Man

Luther Seabrook

By Dr. Luther Seabrook, former educator

Oh, how I yearn for the days of yesteryear when the leader of a country fronted his army and led them to war. They were real leaders. They were brave and of substance. Those days are gone, most likely forever. What do we have now?

Our national leader is an egotistical, lying, bully and probably a coward too. He appears to have no sense of decency and has made it clear that immigrants from places like Norway are welcome, but not people from “shithole nations, rapists and drug dealing countries.” Due to his actions too many of us may add white crosses to our national cemeteries.

Through the Speaker of the Senate, Trump has been able to get over half the Senate to support his Presidency. Where are the Republicans of yesteryear? The Dixiecrats have taken over the Grand Old Party. To quote our national liar, “Sad, sad, sad.”

Trump is a dangerous man. His policies are dictated by continuing to go after Obama, (after years of being a “birther”). Obama refuses to engage him at this time while Trump attempts to scuttle everything Obama touched and is being defeated in his efforts by the people. I will not be surprised if he and his rightwingers do not attack or set up Iran to give him his war. Our very lives may be in the hands of this egotist.

It seems he has attacked every institution of our democracy. It is not about us, but about him. Our President takes the word of a stated adversary rather than the word of our intelligence. He hugs Kim Jong Un who allegedly murdered his own brother. The Saudis murdered a nationally respected newsman and Trump responded, “I believe him. Let’s cut a deal.”

Maybe it’s time for a rebirth of the Grand Old Party, sans McConnell. Let’s work to make the Grand Old Party grand again.

The President of the United States refused to fight for our country when we were at war. One would have expected that someone so privileged, from a powerful family, having all the rights I was denied would have volunteered to protect the opportunities he accrued, but–hell no he didn’t go!

Calling all bookies! What’s the line on Trump and his cohorts finding a reason to go to war against Iran? None of them will go themselves, but will send black, brown and poor, powerless white people to satisfy Trump’s whim. Members of the ruling group will be exempt from serving. They’re too important to risk being killed in action.

We need to heed the warning of one of our most effective military leaders, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who said “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.”

God save us from our leaders. God save us from ourselves. We complain, but we too are cowards.

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