Grassroots Charleston organization seeks to empower and prepare community with new book and initiatives

Sow the Seed is hosting their first event in the Lowcountry to celebrate the release of their literary project, “We Overcame,” and formally introduce themselves to the community. The event is taking place Thursday, June 20th, 2019, starting at 6:30 PM in Summerville, SC. Sow the Seed was founded by T.Lynne Fladger, and was created to be a resource in the community to educate and empower disadvantaged citizens to become more proactive on changing their lives, and being aware of the rise of technology in society.

This literary project is the first of many to come, to serve as a conversation starter when it comes to topics of changes in society, politics, and entrepreneurship. “I think it’s important, well vital, that people understand the changes in our society that are coming, and start taking action now to prepare before it’s too late,” shares T.Lynne.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Techmo Learning Center (1235 Boone Hill Rd. St. 3,), where portions of the book will be read, and attendees can pre-order copies of the book before its release later this summer. Along with a reading of the book, T.Lynne will be leading a group discussion with several community leaders on the topics mentioned in the book.

Attendees will be able to pre-order copies of “We Overcame” as well as merchandise from the organization to help support their continued efforts in the community.

For more information on Sow the Seed, you can visit their website at or send an email to [email protected].

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