Charleston author preps release of second book with accompanying musical exhibition

Kimberly Bowman and Anthony Moore

Published author Anthony Moore is currently prepping for the release of his second book and looking towards the future of the SandBox Kids book series: into a cultural and social franchise. Last year, Moore released his first book of the series, where he introduces readers to the talented heroes, Sasha, Danielle, Smooth Bass, and Slim Carl, and their families. While the first book was just an introduction to their world, he promises that the second book will explore the characters more, seeing them off on as they begin their journeys. 

“Now you know the characters. Now, it’s time for them to leave. They are all spending that precious time with family, being loved on and prepared to take on the world,” shares Anthony about the book. 

The second book of the series is expected to be released before July 2019 on Amazon, and on the Sandbox Kids website, 

In addition to prepping a new book, Anthony is collaborating with Exquisite Enterprises Inc. on a musical exhibition based around the music and message of the SandBox Kids. This spectacular afternoon will bring together local musicians to perform and celebrate diversity in our communities, empowering citizens to love and help one another more, and being a positive influence on generations to come. 

Anthony added, “The messaging and purpose of the SandBox Kids is the overall relevance and necessity of diversity in our communities. We need it! We grow from it! We learn so much more about one another if we would just come together more. I hope this event will accomplish that.”

Sponsorship and vendor opportunities are currently available for the event, set to take place in November 2019 at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mount Pleasant. Interested parties can contact Kimberly Bowman at [email protected]

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  1. Eric Cox on May 26, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    Good Afternoon Anthony “Tony”, I am very happy and proud to see that you have found you path in life. I wasn’t sure what you where up to these days as I had not seen you since 1980-81.

    Eric “Ricky” Cox

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