Poem: Overworked and Underpaid


Photo by Derek Torsani


Teachers Are Being Criticized

By Students And Society

When They Should Be Viewed

As A Main Priority


There Are A Few Bad Apples In The Bunch

Therefore, I Am Not Solely Trying To Defend Teachers

But I Feel They Deserve Much More Recognition

Instead Of Being Treated Like Ungrateful Creatures


Doctors Are Paid An Abundant Wage

Which Good Teachers Should Be Paid The Same

Besides, Where Would Doctors Be Today

If They Were Not Taught To Spell Their Names


Most Teachers Would Give A Hundred-percent

One Of Many Attributes They Yearn

But Is It Fair To Condemn A Teacher

If A Child Refuses To Learn


Instead Of Demanding Teachers To Be Tested

Have Them Frequently Evaluated

We Should View Teachers As A Main Tool In Society

Instead Of Making Them Feel Unappreciated


An Old Indian Proverb States, “Give A Man A Fish And

He Eats For A Day – Teach Him To Fish And He Eats For A



By Patricia Anne Edwards

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