Charleston Moves Announces Sober Streets Gathering

We lost two more community members this month. One of those citizens, while legally riding his bike north on King Street, was hit by a driver under the influence, and eight days later, succumbed to his injuries.

As we continue to work with municipalities and the state on safe and connected street design to prevent serious incidents and deaths, there is another deadly issue that requires attention. The Charleston area faces an epidemic of irresponsible and deadly motorist behavior. Not only does our county lead the state in serious injuries and fatalities for those walking and riding bikes, but we’re seeing a terrifying uptick in this trend.

Our community deserves streets that are complete for everyone, designed to enable safe access for all users. Part of safe street design includes responsible decision-making on the part of motorists when they get behind the wheel. Choosing to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, or distracted by electronics, is unacceptable and entirely preventable. There is no excuse to put the public at risk, particularly those who are the most vulnerable and unprotected on our roadways.

We will gather on Thursday evening in memory of our community members who have been killed by negligent drivers. Please join us as we share suggestions for actionable change.


Savannah Brennan, Charleston Moves Director of Programming

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