Teo Hunter and Beny Ashburn of Crowns & Hops Craft Beer Brand Exceed Their U.S. Crowdfunding Goal

Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter

Teo Hunter and Beny Ashburn, the co-founders of Crowns & Hops Craft Beer Brand announce they have exceeded their US crowdfunding campaign goal. The 30-day campaign launched March 6, 2019 on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform included a US tour with promotional events in several key markets such as Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. The tour allowed Crowns & Hops to engage with brand ambassadors and investors alike who share a passion for authentic cultural representation in craft beer. The mission of the campaign was to raise seed capital to fund the development of the first Crowns & Hops Brewpub in Inglewood, California in 2020. Inglewood is the heart of one of America’s most culturally rich communities for people of color. The crowdfunding campaign provided an opportunity for the community to show support for the brand’s vision along with showcasing the public’s desire for spaces that embody cultural representation.

The Crowns & Hops brand will introduce artisanal craft beer to a more diverse community through content, merchandise and plans to launch brewpubs and taprooms around the world. Together, Hunter and Ashburn are on a mission to shine a light on the lack of diversity in global craft beer culture. They have developed concrete steps to open the industry to more diverse audiences and challenge ingrained stereotypes that black and brown people don’t drink craft beer or own craft beer establishments.

The dynamic duo that Time Magazine deemed responsible for “Changing the Face of Beer” in 2018, are taking their experience as change agents in craft beer culture to another level. The team gained the support and investment of BrewDog, the Scotland-based independent craft brewing giant. BrewDog has and will continue to provide the duo with support across operations, marketing and distribution. BrewDog will also assist Crowns & Hops with the brewing of their three flagship beers, (an IPA, Stout and Pale Ale) using their state-of-the-art production facilities located in Columbus, Ohio and Ellon Scotland for an opportunity to distribute globally.

“We are thrilled to have exceeded our crowdfunding goal with Indiegogo. We cannot thank our community of supporters enough for believing in our mission – this is just the beginning. The time is now for cultural ownership! Responsible, authentic culture curated for the people by the people.– Beny Ashburn

“This movement for inclusion in craft beer, along with our goal of opening this brewery is not about tearing down what’s currently here…it’s about building what’s missing. Less than 1% of craft beer breweries are black owned. It’s time to change that narrative. So instead of waiting for it to happen organically, we’re creating a new craft beer footprint for those that are searching for it.”- Teo Hunter

This summer, the company will be launching a series of tasting experiences, events and festival appearances across the United States giving the public an opportunity to try their beer.

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