Housing For All-Mount Pleasant Raises $20,000 with Donate2it

Bobby Sommers- HFA Board Member, Wendy Bauerschmidt- HFA Director of Development, Louise Brown-HFA Board Member, Melissa Moore- HFA Director of Operations, Steve Dudash- Donate2it Founder, Chris Brooks- HFA Board Vice Chair, Dr. Sally Jacob- HFA Board Member, Harry Smith- HFA Board Member


Housing For All- Mount Pleasant (HFA) teamed with local crowdfunding platform Donate2it to achieve a major fundraising milestone of $20,000.

All told, the attainable housing non-profit has raised $22,500 in funds in the past two months.

“Affordable housing is a growing problem across our entire region and especially in Mount Pleasant, which was recently named the most expensive city for rent in South Carolina,” said Melissa Moore, director of operations for Housing For All-Mount Pleasant. “Achieving this fundraising goal in a short amount of time shows the strong support for this critical issue. Thanks to our partnership with the Donate2it team, we’re able to accelerate our mission of making attainable housing in Mount Pleasant a reality.”  

Donate2it is the Lowcountry’s local crowdfunding solution, as evidenced by the more than $50,000 raised via the platform since it relaunched last fall. Founded by area businessman, Steve Dudash, Donate2it is committed to serving the fundraising needs of the Lowcountry by partnering with area organizations such as Housing For All-Mount Pleasant to offer matching funds.

“It’s an honor to be able to help local organizations like Housing For All-Mount Pleasant as they pursue important community initiatives,” said Steve Dudash, founder of Donate2it. “As a Mount Pleasant resident, I’ve witnessed the tremendous growth in the region, and its impact on housing affordability. Solving this challenge requires creative solutions for smart and sustainable growth, along with developing more housing options for individuals working in our community.”

The $22,500 is expected to be matched by the Town of Mount Pleasant as part of a $50,000 challenge grant that was unanimously approved by Town Council earlier this year.

More than seven in 10 workers in Mount Pleasant are forced to live elsewhere, often due to a lack of attainable housing options. Housing For All-Mount Pleasant is committed to bringing real solutions to address this crisis and create a closer, stronger community for all.

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