Parklands Foundation Adopts New Name: The Charleston County Parks Foundation

The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission (CCPRC)’s non-profit arm, The Parklands Foundation, recently took on a new name. Now known as the Charleston County Parks Foundation, the organization will also be using a new website,

The foundation’s board voted on the name change in early 2019. The goal of the name change is to identify the foundation as being run by CCPRC. Donations will subsidize access to the parks, programs and services that CPRC provides to the community. The executive director of The Charleston County Parks Foundation is CCPRC Executive Director David Bennett.

As part of National Water Safety Month, the Charleston County Parks Foundation is currently collecting donations for its Swim For It campaign, an effort to raise funds to support swim instruction and water safety classes. Donations can be made at any of CCPRC’s three waterparks, which opened for weekends starting May 4.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were about ten fatal unintentional drowning deaths per day from 2005-2014. Of these, two were children aged 14 or younger.

The mission of the Charleston County Parks Foundation is to help all residents experience CCPRC’s parks and programs. The foundation currently supports four projects. The Genesis Project, established in 2014 after a young boy who drowned, raises funds to offer aquatic safety programs and reduce the number of drowning victims in Charleston County. The Pass It Forward Project provides opportunities and scholarships so that all members of the community may enjoy CCPRC parks and programs including camps, recreation and educational programs, and special events. The McLeod Plantation Historic Site Project supports cultural and historical research, preservation, interpretation and education with an emphasis on underrepresented histories at McLeod and throughout CCPRC. The SK8 Forward project introduces skateboarding to youth through free field trips and admission to the SK8 Charleston skate park, along with instruction, safety awareness and equipment use.

The Parklands Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, was created in May 1990 by Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission (CCPRC) to generate funding for the continued growth and development of the county park system and support increased leisure opportunities for residents utilizing non-tax dollars. In May of 2014, The Parklands Foundation transitioned into more of a project based foundation focused on specific aspects of the parks system needing additional support.

To learn more about the Charleston County Parks Foundation, or to support access for all to parks and programs, visit

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