CAJM Nehemiah Action Assembly to bring together local officials to address community problems that have reached a crisis level: transportation and housing

Nehemiah Action Assembly expects a crowd of nearly 2,000 citizens

In what should be the year’s largest and most diverse gathering of Charleston County citizens to address community problems in the region, CAJM (Charleston Area Justice Ministry) will come together Monday, May 6 at the organization’s annual “Nehemiah Action Assembly.” They will be asking top officials to commit their support to best practices in addressing transportation and housing problems. The event will be held 7:00-9:00 PM at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church (7396 River Avenue, North Charleston). Approximately 2,000 citizens from local religious congregations that are members of CAJM and local public officials are expected to take part.

Charleston Area Justice Ministry hosts its annual Nehemiah Action Assembly to gain commitments from local officials to specific solutions to critical community problems, including the following issues:

     ● Lack of an adequate transportation system:

          ○ Over 11,000 people rely on public transportation because they do not have any other option, forcing them to rely on routes that run on average, every 60 minutes.

          ○ The majority of people who are dependent on public transportation in our community use it to get to and from work.

          ○ The Charleston region is the most dangerous city in the state for pedestrians and cyclists yet everyday 13,200 people walk or bike the first and last mile to the bus stops.

          ○ CAJM will call on CARTA and County Officials to adopt Fair Fares and increase funding to improve frequency of routes

     ● Lack of housing that is affordable:

          ○ Those earning $15 an hour would have to work 54 hours per week to afford the basic two bedroom apartment.

          ○ Over 200,000 people cannot afford their rent or mortgage, leaving many to make tough financial choices.

          ○ CAJM is calling for Charleston County, the City of Charleston, the City of North Charleston, and the Town of Mount Pleasant to form and fund the Regional Housing Trust Fund

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