Children Are The Fabric Of Our Community

Adults should live so that young people would want to pattern themselves after us. We need to help young people stay focused so they would not end up a statistic or in jail.

All young people want is for someone to love them. We have enough to go around. Adults should help young people make great choices and decisions. It will ultimately help you in life.

Young people need to get started early in life with a spiritual foundation so they have guidelines to follow in their lives. Young people should respect their elders and elders should give young people a chance to express their opinions. This way, everyone is on the same page.

It is important that we are role models for our children.

If I did something wrong early in the day when my mother was working, an adult would spank me. When my mother got home, I would get it again. I believe that kept me out of jail and now I am 70 years old.

You had to go to Sunday School and Church whether you wanted to or not. It made you a better person.

Our young people need to pattern their lives after this kind of living. It keeps you from doing wrong things to one another like robbing and killing.

Remember, “Children Are The Fabric Of Our Community.” Adults, it is important to be there for your children in good times and bad times. Mommies, love your babies and most importantly spend time with them. They are our future and we must invest in our future through our children.

-Sarah Green

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