Secrets of Being Inwardly Content

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Sometimes, as I look around me, I see and come in contact with many different ethnic “hue-man” beings, some who are and appear to be very unhappy. For whatever reasons, these dispirited souls, at times, being uptight with themselves and others, has made me want to offer a few rather candid thoughts about this debilitating plague.

Yes, I did use the word plague to describe this lackluster “hue-manistic” state of hellish existence because that’s exactly what it is. I strongly believe that being at odds with being content with one’s self (and others) is a leading cause in what makes many of the world’s populace terribly depressed, angry and miserable.

Being downcast and dejected all the time is truly an unhealthy state of being, and it’s a seriously dangerous state of mental existence to reside in if you ask me. If that is an intelligible reality that is not to be questioned, then why don’t we as modernistic intelligent individuals and technologically progressive collective souls do something about removing these maladies from our individual and collective states of existences?

I don’t have any mercurial or magical answers to that question today, but I’m going to offer upfront that “misery certainly does loves company,” and in knowing this I recognize that we can’t hold anyone responsible for our own peace of mind. There’s much truth to that as I think deeply about it, especially, as I look around me and witness so many joyless beings orbiting life in glum worlds of existences and activities.

Being happy and feeling gratified are personal choices each and everyone of us has to make for ourselves, and some of us choose to make ourselves disconsolate, mournful and disgruntled all of the time. It’s painfully regretful to say that but, again, I learned a secret a long time ago that I, alone, am responsible for my own state of merriment and tranquility.

It’s a stark reality that I had to develop and implement in my own mental spheres and physical zones of existences because life is too short to be unhappy for no unnecessary reason. Once more, I can never overemphasize that point enough because it’s an issue that haunts many of us in day-to-day existence.

So, I’m speaking, or should I say more correctly, writing in the hope that you and others may know that being really inwardly content and unburdened by external nonsense of others is an active choice you and they have to make.  We all must pursue and should cultivate the inner aura of contentment in our very natures in order to fight off the weighty daily tribulations, ordeals, and tests which seems to confront so many of us on our pathways to illusionary happiness.

As I’m thinking of my next flowing thought, I find myself going back to square one in a sense because peacefulness has to flow from within one’s very own soul. No one can satisfy your inner carefreeness and outer fulfillment unless you first know what it is that going to make you happy and contented in the first place.

Some of us in this God Alone created “hue-manity” look to others, besides themselves, to “make” their day, night, life, or whatever, better. Sadly, it’s what some ethnic folk look forward to instead of doing things to make themselves positively happy and rewarded, and I ask you to please don’t misconstrue that aforementioned pensive thought.

The living experience is about being of service to yourself and to your fellow created soul with the utmost mutual respect extended. Being at peace with one’s self starts with being at peace with the Most High Alone, one’s self, nature and the rest of “hue-manity” in that order.

I hope that you understand where I’m going with this line of thought. You see, many of us, who are living in today’s cosmetic Babylon of blinding materialism, feel unworthy of ourselves, wanting to be someone or something that we aren’t  because we desire to have others validate us or make us feel, somehow, worthy of acceptance.

Please don’t get that confused with being in a healthy and productive mental space where being appreciated, liked, or even admired by others is real and this serves as a fruitful norm of civilized respectability. No, we’re actually mere mortals living in a temporary time and space by God Alone’s permission and, as such, we must learn to try to exist with others in an, at times, imaginary utopian existence.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s nice to be liked, but we have to learn, if we haven’t already by this late date in our fleeting life cycles, that we simply can’t please everyone. And, for some of us who don’t get this point, the living experience can be a living hell, which causes so much misery, anarchy, pain, bitterness and chaos in the world.

Being a realist and an objective thinker, I’ve come to realize that “smiling faces, sometimes, do tell lies.” Simply put, not everyone who (cunningly) smiles to our faces is indeed a sincere friend or a trusted ally, so don’t be heartbroken when you find out otherwise. Hmm!

I’ve also come to value some hard earned secret lessons from the so-called game of life. Unfortunately, I also have come to realize that like a perverted game of chess some “hue-mans” literally do not have your best interests at heart. “It is what it is!”

Life is full of ups and downs, and that’s what it realistically is supposed to be with nothing in between. When things like that happen, as they  surely will, keep your head up and remember that “it ain’t nothing but a test from the Most High Alone and ‘this too shall pass.’ ”

Only you can make yourself happy just as only you can yourself miserable. Contentment is a state of mind that doesn’t cost you anything but your own effort to initiate and implement it.

There are so many mixed-up folk today with so many hang ups and dislikes within their own convoluted souls until you shouldn’t be unhappy because they  didn’t or don’t  give you the time of day or have nothing nice to say about you. Believe it or not, they’ve actually done you a big favor.

And that favor is that you don’t have to deal with them anymore because their “real natures” have been peeped. Do you get it? Think about it before responding because many folk are seduced by fake friends and cohorts, including their relatives.

In closing, please accept that life is really, really too short to be worried about folk who don’t mean you any good. Remember that another key secret in being happy is doing positive things for others, without looking for absolutely nothing in return. It’s all up to you and no else in making you eternally contented. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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