Three CCSD Schools Named “Capturing Kids’ Hearts” Showcase Schools

Capturing Kids’ Hearts at Memminger Elementary School

Kids want to be in classrooms where teachers know how to connect with them and make them feel valued. Schools all across Charleston County School District make that connection with students, but three in particular were recognized for an exemplary job.

The Flippen Group named Memminger Elementary School, Jerry Zucker Middle School (JZMS) and R.B. Stall High School a Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) Showcase School for the 2018-2019 school year. This honor highlights schools where students and staff are enjoying the change in their campus culture and academic performance of their students.

These schools are all repeat winners. JZMS is a second-year recipient; while Memminger is a third-year recipient; and this is the fourth year Stall has been recognized.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts offers an integrated solution that give educators tools and techniques to transform their classrooms. Since 1990, campuses across the country have experienced amazing outcomes with Capturing Kids’ Hearts tools and processes by creating socio-emotional safety conducive to learning.

“When you have a kid’s heart, you have their life,” said Laura Veal, teacher assistant at Memminger.

According to the Flippen Group philosophy, when kids and teachers are connected, there is a significant positive transformational effect on the five key indicators of school performance:  Decreased Discipline Referrals  Increased Student Achievement  Increased Attendance Rates  Increased Graduation Rates  Increased Teacher Satisfaction

“We are proud to get this national recognition from CKH for a second year,” said JZMS Principal Jacob Perlmutter. “Our faculty and staff has worked hard to create a great school climate at Zucker Middle School. Like other schools, we focus on connectivity and character traits and kindness but we also stay focused on positivity every day, one student, and one interaction at a time. We’ve learned that by creating a place that we enjoy working, we create a place where our students enjoy working too.”

Memminger IB World School Principal Abigail Woods said the implementation of Capturing Kids’ Hearts at Memminger has helped create a positive, productive learning environment.

Zucker Middle School was named a Capturing Kid’s Hearts Showcase School

“At Memminger, we have embraced this process in order to fully support our students’ growth both academically and socially,” said Woods. R.B. Stall High School Principal Jeremy Carrick added that Capturing Kids’ Hearts has been the fundamental component in the development of a positive school culture.

“We are honored to to be one of six schools across the nation that have received this distinction of a National Showcase School since its inception four years ago,” said Carrick. “In alignment with Capturing Kids’ Hearts, we strive to develop strong, healthy relationships between all stakeholders in order to see students reach their full potential.”

Through these National Showcase Schools awards, the Flippen Group celebrates all the campuses that go the extra mile each day to build an environment where students and staff feel safe and connected.

“We congratulate and thank you for all you do for the students and staff of Charleston County School District,” said Flip Flippen, founder and chairman of Flippen Group. “Your tireless commitment to improving schools for generations to come is to be commended.”

These campuses will be honored and celebrated throughout the coming year as Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools. In addition to public recognition, the campus has a banner to proudly display their achievement.

To learn more about the Capturing Kid’s Hearts Showcase School recognition visit the Flippen Group website. For more information on the CCSD schools honored, contact the Office of Strategy and Communication at 843-937-6303.

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