Understanding “Reality” and a Few Vibes about Nipsey Hussle

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I was stopped recently on a local city street by a loyal reader of this newspaper who said she recognized me as one of its longtime writers. This lady wondered if she could ask me a question that’s been on her mind for quite a while, and that was why do I always seem to interject the words “God Alone” and “reality” into many of my “As I See It” features.

Quite frankly, after hearing her direct and straightforward inquiry, I responded by saying that’s how I view life, and the sojourn for what all are living in through my mindset. I also mentioned to her that in so many discreet ways of telling it like it is, I have to speak on whatever it is that’s in my soul at the time of writing anything, particularly when seeing and feeling them in relevant terms of life’s trials and experiences which, of course, are the present “realities” of things.

Before I go any further with today’s  article today, I’d like to give you a brief breakdown of what  word “reality” implies. It’s generally accepted that word “reality” means the world or the state of things as they actually exist (to be), as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

I trust that rather succinct description of this word fits your definition and understanding because some folk operate on different planes and levels of comprehensions. It’s important to offer that last statement because, as a spiritual thinker and a pragmatically objective writer, I’m only attempting to convey my sincere  opinions and candid thoughts.

Being a created “hue-man,” who acknowledges openly the divine awesomeness of the Creator Alone, has made me think of that uniqueness as a definitive way of viewing the “reality” of life and its overall purpose. I don’t play with that “reality” one iota because I know and understand the fragility of each special moment that is gifted, or extended, to me, you and everyone and everything in existence by the Most High Alone’s mercy. It could end at anytime.

That’s what I shared with the lady who asked why I referred so much to God Alone and “reality” in my writings. You see, this life that we all are momentarily exposed to is truly a blessing that I honestly feel many absent-minded folk in creation don’t take seriously enough. Life can end before the next heartbeat.

Sadly, I have to say that, especially, when I view the unrealistic worlds that some criminal minded folk’s actions from throughout our nation and beyond have taken, and it has made me become aware of how meaningless another’s life and value are to them. From Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles to your very own local home or business addresses and beyond, the fact remains that unexpected and unthinkable violence can occur at anytime of the day or night.

Agonizingly, that’s why I constantly speak so often about being at peace with one’s self and others because my soul tires of seeing so many innocent young and old folk of all colors die at the whims of crazies for unexplainable reasons. Do you agree with me on that that point, or are you living in another orbit of thinking where today’s crazed “realities” haven’t caught up to you yet?

Life is precious and we mustn’t take the living experience for a mere inconsiderate afterthought as some unmindful “hue-mans” do. I trust that you know that our present and future “realities” are what we make them out to be, so working towards respect for all and praying for national unity comes with bringing all those expressed desires into peaceful, constructive actualities.

I firmly believe that we are what we think because “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” And, if you’ve  read my columns with any regularity, you know that I use that thought idiom frequently because I deeply feel that one’s intrinsic thought patterns are conducive for achieving and bringing any desired wish or goal into fruition.

Listen closely, Maya Angelou once said that “If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” I don’t believe in luck, but there’s much substance in what the late poet and novelist had to offer. Positive thoughts can move mountains, just as they conversely can make you sick as you know what.

I’m a spiritual believer who believes in the actuality that everything is under the Creator Alone’s control, and that includes everyone’s life and death.To be able to comprehend that pristine “reality” is to truly know that one understands what the real delicacy of life’s fragile “reality” really is all about.

The living experience in this phase of existence is a extraordinarily precious gift to the living, so seeking  peace and harmony with one another, regardless of our so-called race, creed or color, is a must before the Creator Alone. That’s why I write with such continued compassion about living in a state of submission to the Creator Alone’s advised peaceful and respectful formats for us all to abide and reside in.

The present living episode we’re experiencing is so very momentary and revealing until you can wake up a believer in the aforementioned Creator Alone’s universal instructions of being at peace with one another and go to bed at night a totally complex disbeliever. If you open your eyes to what’s going on in the world stages, you see chaos, self-hatred, anarchy and corruption galore existing everywhere you turn in this unexpected worlds of the unknown.

Please think about that knowing that this moment  we’re experiencing should not be taken for granted because each moment that is issued to us is a gift from the Creator Alone. No one, realistically speaking, really knows the exact time when his or her death will occur, but rest assured, it’s on the way—you just do not know when.

We need to stop killing ourselves in so many norms of abysmal, sinister and unproductive unrealistic actions until I don’t know where to start in alleviating the pains of our collective sufferings and misgivings. That brings to my mind that James Baldwin said, “You cannot fix what you cannot face,” and that’s the task that is facing many of us particularly in Black America presently.

Think about that. Understanding the sad “realities” of what’s destroying us requires us to face up to some painful realism first.  We need to address the ever-present “realities” of what we must do in order to make our personal lives, families, communities, state and nation better in this age and time because life is not something we are in complete control of, if you understand the “reality” of where I’m coming from today.

In closing, oftentimes, you hear that “the good die young.” Well, think of what the successful and recently slain rapper  Ermias Joseph Asghedom, 33, professionally known as “Nipsey Hussle,” accomplished in his relative short life. You know the details of his killing by now. In overcoming the many trying obstacles he faced, he was about making his community in Los Angeles better from within for all who lived there before being cowardly assassinated.

Again, sadly, we all need a “reality” check in learning from his tragic demise, especially, the young folk. Let’s start by working together and stop destroying one another. Rest in peace young brother “Nipsey,” and with the greatest respect to his family and loved ones, your life’s work was not in vain. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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